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physic Cloth of PhysX has been removed?


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Sorry for the delay on spotting this.

I'm fairly sure that cloth still works in current, but you do need to enable the PhysX module when compiling the engine in order to utilize the PhysX stuff(same with Bullet) as by default the built-in stock physics are the default. If you do that, then you should have access to the PhysicsCloth(PxCloth, I believe is the specific class) object to use.

If you haven't gotten the PhysX lib set up yet, then you can follow the wiki article here: http://wiki.torque3d.org/coder:physx-setup#toc1 If that's out of date at all, just let me know.

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So, Timmy informed me that the cloth was part of the older PhysX lib implementation, and didn't make the hop to the current version and would need to be re-implemented. There's a few repos with various physics stuffs that implement stuff like ragdolls, GPU rigidbodies and the like, so I'll put that up on the list to get rolled back in there.

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Yes you need the source code and to compile the library yaself. T3D only supports the 3.3.x versions, if you want to use physx 3.4 i have all the changes here https://github.com/rextimmy/Torque3D/tree/physx3_4 ... it's rather out of date as i don't actively work on T3D anymore but you should be able to copy the cmake file and also the physx3 directory and hopefully it just works for ya.

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