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Got "failed to compile shader error" when change the lighting setting.


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Hey guys, I have got a very odd error recently, that was when i change the lighting setting from andvanced lighting to basic lighting i got a "unable to compile shader error" dialog. I am using the latest github development version complied by myself, anyone have the same problem or maybe it is a bug?

Any info woulde be appreciated.

PS: screenshot attached.


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You have a branding bug in your image, why don't you just use print screen key?

Regarding the error you can probably just ignore it, I got this once when I ran two instances and the engine had problem writing the procedural shader files.

Try ignoring it and or delete the cached shaders in shaders/procedural and see if it still happens.

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sorry about the screenshot, actually i don't use windows much so i don't know how to use the system's tool to capture a window only. So i use a third party tool and it an commercial software which provide a 30 days trail while the trail version will add the branding info on the output pic so it becomes a "branding bug".

As for the shader error, if it doesn't affect much i will just let it go, maybe it is not a bug at all or maybe it will be fixed later.

thank you for your reply.

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Isn't basic lighting being partly axed since 3.9? That could be part of the problem.

Another issue could be an administrator thing. If the program writes files (shaders) into the programs folder new windows admin rights may deny the action.

I think there is a variable in the scripts for the shaders to be only virtual or to use another custom folder.

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yeah maybe it is the problem but i don't i think i need go that far now, because i am totally new to T3D now, i cant even understand some basics now.Maybe when i firgure out how the engine works overall i will check the problem then. Now what's really painful for me is that i cannt find a complete tutorial(maybe some like Torque3d 101). Any suggestions?

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