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Hand position of rifle


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ok - before i start to ask i want to say the following:

- i not want to make a weapon or do it in the inventory - i just want to make the hand position to another or an hand animation.

Okay - i tried some stuff but without success.

So please help me to position the hands in first person...

Thanks alot!



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Unfortunately all the hand/arm animation is contained within the weapon models themselves and I have found it to be very difficult to even try re-skinning the arms themselves, even back when I used 3dmax, which is what was used to create the original arms and weapons. I believe you can open the rifle in Blender and see the animation working but it looks strange, like the bones are in skewed locations.

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Forget messing with the default soldier.

For my game I use true first person models, so I have no separate hand models and it works fine so far, just model your playermodel with the gun in hand, animate it and then remove the gun, then it will perfectly fit when you mount it ingame.

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