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Terrain cells disappearing


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Occasionally I get the issue that sometimes terrain cells disappear meaning they are not being rendered anymore, this issue depends on the location where I stand and on rotation where I look.

There are certain spots on the terrain where it happens, it seems to change when you change the terrain geometry.

Here is an example how it looks normally:


Now I rotate the view a bit and some terrain cells disappear from being rendered:


So far I just changed the terrain geometry of the terrain so long until those spots did not occur anymore, but this cannot be a long term solution, so maybe someone here got an idea what the issue is.

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I could, but the problem is, it does not happen anymore for some reason.

Maybe it is because I removed the forest, since it was just for testing.

This phenomen happens mostly when I'm starting to shape a level when the terrain is not smooth everywhere yet.

And then I usually change the level so long until those glitches all disappear, but I will remember making a save when it happens the next time.

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I actually managed to spot this happening for a brief moment last night when trying out the terrain textures stuff, but it seemed to be EXTREMELY particular, I couldn't really figure a pattern to it. Implication is culling is going pearshaped, and it seems fairly rare.

So yeah, if you spot it happening again, what it'd suggest doing is doing a save on the terrain/level, and then making a camera bookmark where it's happening and upload the whole level/terrain deal up so we have as good a test case as possible. I'll try and keep my eye out for the same.

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I have a suspicion that it happens much more if you have extreme terrains, like very steep walls that shoot up almost vertically.

Since this happens mostly in the beginning of doing a terrain, since then you did not smooth out everything perfectly yet.

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