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Audio Scope Bug? Probably Bug Between Chair And Torquescript :/


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I've had a number of audio issues (and player spawn issues based on ghosting distance and being out of scope but that's for another thread).

I am using playlists, but the audio that is going off-key (distorted) are not using playlists.

Disclaimer: I am spawning with orbitObject camera. (also I am using 3.8, not moved over to 3.9 yet)

Short video, two parts.

Part 1 (OK): visibleGhostDistance = 2000; Spawn at origin. %player.schedule(50, setTransform("300 300 5")); Audio OK.

Part 2(FUBAR): visibleGhostDistance = 2000; Spawn at "300 300 5" by passing the xyz to GameCore::spawnPlayer. Audio goes off key.


Note, I have also set visibleGhostDistance = 160; Spawn at origin. %player.schedule(50, setTransform("300 300 5")); Audio FUBAR.

Second note: I have also had ALL audio go FUBAR by spawning orbitObject with a rotation at origin regardless of ghost distance (so I stopped doing that)

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Okay ... let's not get too hasty here ...

I am setting the orbit camera via a ServerCmd ... from GameCore ... which ... if I am not mistaken ... is also the server ...

Setting the actual %client.camera.doCameraStuff here in gameCore::spawnPlayer seems to clear up all my problems ...

If I manage to codemongler this all up again I shall repost but in the meantime ...



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It seems you may have found what's up but let me share something that may be related.

If you're changing the camera you also need to use %camera.scopeToClient(%client) or the camera scope fails.

I think that's called somewhere from spawnPlayer so it isn't a problem if using that.

I had this issue while trying the switching cameras around of one of the old tutorials of the documentation. Was it the adventure thing?

The pitch thing may be something related to the Doppler effect. But I'm not sure.

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