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Übergame is a free open source, realism like, multi-purpose, multiplayer, casual, first-person-shooter game.




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  2. I tested your code and I don't see how it is useful, you just changed, renamed and deleted things so that when you install it, the game is completely broken, I cannot do anything with such code. When you contribute something, you should add one feature or kind of change per commit/contribution and so that it does not break anything existing.
  3. Yes the code is a lot of patchwork, I used a lot of resources and stuff people donated to me. I don't really have an allowed player class, I set it in each gametype, kind of messy workaround. Long term I planned to have a player type variable that also gets displayed on the server browser, but that requires changing the source code, the guis and the gamemodes, which was too much work for me, so I just duplicated the gamemodes for each player type. You can go crazy with adding things as long as it does not break older stuff, or does not break it that much. Yes there was not much change re
  4. Hello duion. Since i have a personal interest in ubergame and t3d i had thought that during a little vacation i took recently i might tinker with ubergame. My first intention was to make a gamemode where weapons and items cost money, sort of like in counterstrike. But what struck me first was the messy sms.cs file, long story short i made it more modular by adding softcoded categories, in contrast to hardcoded variables. It took me a while figuring out this inventory system, its gonna take me a bit longer to make cool things with it. I also noticed in the gamemodes there is a allowed
  5. Little reminder: Übergame is still seeking contributors, it was always meant as an open source community project, so I post it here as a sticky thread, to remind people of that. So many people contacted me claiming to want to contribute, but then they all ran away doing nothing, but actually doing stuff is not that hard, for example I made a level in my third Steam trailer in like 10 minutes, including playtesting, it cannot get much easier than that. Sure making a final release still takes some more time testing, cleaning up and packing for release, but I think you get the idea. I did n
  6. Right. My current short term priority is "realistic" weapons handling, deployable and fixed heavy weapons emplacements and some light vehicles. In terms of game mechanics i want to come up with a gamemode that is a little more strategic first and then i see what ideas i come up with as i go along. If you say assets and maps are sufficent i take your word for it, i can always make those later on if need be.
  7. I have like 13 unique levels now and 4 are in the making, each level also has like multiple variations, so I don't think levels is what is missing. I have 8 gamemodes, DM, TDM, MfD and RtF and all again for paintball. So number of levels and gamemodes are totally sufficient for a full game, but number of player charaters and weapons are not. You can pretty much forget using free models from the internet for development, 99% of them are not gameready and require at least some modifications, even textures in most cases need modifications. So I would not bother with learning art, I'm alrea
  8. I have high ambitions as level designer, i will need outdoor and indoor assets and lots of them at some point. My plan is to make some maps with different themes and whatever gimicks i think might make things more interesting. More variations in levels might be a nice selling point for uebergame, it would also serve as a good point for t3d level to get assets needed for themselfs. As for weapons im not exactly a good modeler, but im certain i can make up a few decent looking guns in time. I will also try to see if can find and/or if needed make military props and vehicles. For character
  9. Don't bother with assets, thats what I have the most of, I'm lacking game code, character models and weapons etc, which are almost never found free online.
  10. Wow really? If thats true then that sucks, luckly i kept track of who made what(atleast the best i could), i leave them out for now in that case. I also go a lot of nobiax stuff, i hope that is legit atleast. Either way i will try to make some stuff and see where it takes me, let you know how it goes.
  11. I think I downloaded almost everything that exists as CC0 licensed assets from the internet, there is not that much useful stuff, most useful things I have are textures and some prop models. If you refer to Ron Kapauns asset packs, I would not use them, since I discovered that he used textures from various sources on the internet that are not open source compatible.
  12. I got the assets from legit sources as CC0 and high quality, most even made for t3d. Some slight visual adjustments might be useful but not really needed. My intent was to collect them for myself, but considering i had to scavange them from all i thought it might not be a bad idea to put them up so others dont need to put up with this. So i thought it might be not a bad idea to make some new maps with those assets for uebergame so on one side you can see them in action but also people can use them for themselfs.
  13. I did collect free assets from the internet in the beginning as well, but this has some major downsides, first, you get inconsistend quality, second not everything uploaded as free is really free, so you trip into potential landmines there and third you hardly ever get enough fitting material. This is why I started making almost everything myself, so the best option is to use the assets that already ship with Uebergame and if you need some custom models for your level, just stick it into the level folder.
  14. Well thats good to hear. Im afraid however my t3d programming knowledge at this point is minimal, however im picking up the pace. For a good while now i have been collecting high quality public domain assets and try to convert them to t3d(among other engines). I came up with the idea to make maps for uebergame using those, however i have quite a ton of them and im afraid uebergame when shipped with those might grow real fat. What is your opinion on this? I am a little concerned where you draw the line about uebergame getting too big. I will also work on a objective based gameplay f
  15. Well there is no specific goal, it can be anything, I designed it to be a framework, where you can build all kinds of gameplay modes or map themes into. Anything goes, if you program a feature, build a map or so, just make a pull request on github or contact me directly, then I will see, if I can build it in. I had similar features than you suggested already in mind, some are even partly finished, the problem is just, that I cannot integrate partly working features, since it would break the gameplay. It is still a long way from a prototype to a bugfree working version that can be used in
  16. I was wondering but couldnt find a list of what uebergame aims to have in long or medium term. My primary question is if it aims to be a realistic shooter and if so to how much of a degree? I have a couple of things i would find nice, i was wondering if they are planned and if so worked on. For one i want to be able to pick up killed players weapons and swap them for the one i have equiped, or at the least if they have the same weapon steal their ammo. Also the weapons are not a 100% accurate, in real life however most weapons are highly accurate, but the aim is not and will get disrubte
  17. How does it look better? I thought it is an art question on how good you make the particles.
  18. Thanks, that looks much better then the one I found that was only in script.
  19. The Gibhut repo: https://github.com/Duion/Uebergame The player explosions use a source code change which adds a new field: https://github.com/Duion/Torque3D/commit/308063a006b6f6dfee1b55154a8d7d28da18fe60
  20. Looking good, Duion. Is there a download link for the source? I can't find it.
  21. Well you claim that the paintball arenas should be closed off for short matches, but they actually are closed off, you just did not bother to look at it enough. The paintball map can be played as big map but also on each field individually where it is closed off, so you have 1 map with all arenas open that can be played as deathmatch or team deathmatch, then you can play the 4 regular fields with team deathmatch individually as closed off fields as well as the 2 arenas with deathmatch and team deathmatch also closed off. So the whole setup is basically 10 different maps/gametypes. So you se
  22. I was reading a thread recently about an online game that is shutting down where someone made a good point about the challenge online multiplayer-only games face. The premise was that for a casual visitor who likes the idea of the game and wants to support it, there is literally nothing to do when they want to play and nobody else is on the server. So the game is considered boring and eventually a player loses interest and walks away. In the context of the comment thread, the dynamic was referred to as a death-spiral, but from Ubergame's angle the same dynamic seems to be a serious hurdle to e
  23. Occasionally you find other players, but they often quit fast, since it seems most are just checking the game out and are not interested in playing. You can join on the #duion.com channel on freenode IRC, to find other people to play with. Bots are in there in the latest development, but as I have many levels, gamemods and weapons it will take time to teach them to handle it all, currently they only can play deathmatch with regular weapons. Maybe I will just leave it with that and make a release later and host a deathmatch only server with bots.
  24. Looks interesting. I really like aiming down the barrel. It seems like there aren't necessarily other players online to play with at any given time. What do you think it would take to add a few AI bots so there's always something fun to shoot at?
  25. http://fordprefectstowel.weebly.com/uploads/2/5/2/3/25231015/6078343_orig.png

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