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  • Torque3D Game  ·  Open Community  ·  2 fans

    Uber-Hardcore Turn-Based Steampunk Squad Tactics. Conquer the super-continent of Pangea with an invasion of Airships! Battle Dastardly Pirate Insurgents! Keep the locals happy or they will be revolting! Available on Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/308380/Airship_Dragoon/
  • Torque3D Game  ·  Open Community  ·  10 fans

    You play as a young cat, a novice cartographer. After a storm ravages a small island off the mainland, you're sent out to help update the maps for it. Lighthearted fun and exploration awaits as you aim to make a name for yourself with pen in paw!
  • TGE Game  ·  Open Community  ·  6 fans

    Crowns of Power is an MMORPG set in the fictional world of Arder. Pick your spell school, team up with friends and fight your way to the top to get the Crown of Power for your spell school.
  • Torque3D Software  ·  Open Community  ·  1 fan

    This application doesn't have a description.
  • Torque3D Game  ·  Open Community  ·  1 fan

    Play as a lurking lake monster and snatch tourists and photographers from their waterside relaxation. Just don’t get your picture in the local papers!
  • Torque2D Game  ·  Public Community

    Take command of your rag-tag fleet to defend your island from blood-thirsty pirates! Engage in deep tactical decisions, balancing attacks with repairs while keeping your morale high. If you survive, set sail for distant lands and search for the power you'll need to face the coming darkness! Pirate Code is a tactical, turn-based strategy game set in a world filled with blood-thirsty pirates! Built with Torque2D and love, it's available on PC and Mac through Steam.
  • Torque3D Game  ·  Open Community  ·  2 fans

    A Rad remake of the 1996 strategy classic Red Alert by Westwood Studios with full FPS combat and strategy gameplay in 3D. Experience the world of Red Alert one in which germany never started the second world war but the soviets under stalin instead do. Use the full arsenal of the soviet empire against the allied armada in fullscale combat on maps of all sizes and theatre kinds. Infantry, tanks, aircraft, naval, chemical, biological and nuclear arsenal plus more will be at deployed where it can be. All of the original units in 3D including the expansion packs and extra units, such as a gaz jeep and specnaz commando for the soviets and more. Many configurable game modes with bot support for both single and multiplayer fun combined. Engaging and deep infantry and weapons mechanics will require tactical usage of every advantage available to attain victory. Eventual features also might include civilian vehicles, buildings with some as tech structures that can be captured and many more things. Technology and upgrades will grant their users the edge or cost it depending on the nature of combat. Random crates will all sorts of good or bad suprises might show up everywhere, turning the tables of the battle at times.
  • Torque3D Game  ·  Open Community  ·  4 fans

    A 3d adventure with a spiritual quest. It's a single player game with exploration & survival elements with a partly open world. TMF is at this time still in alpha, free/pay-what-you-want and already released on itch.io: https://themanfisher.itch.io/the-manfisher
  • Torque3D Game  ·  Open Community  ·  1 fan

    Übergame is a free open source, realism like, multi-purpose, multiplayer, casual, first-person-shooter game.
  • Torque3D Game  ·  Public Community

    A retro sci-fi first-person/third-person shooter game that focuses on the battle between the 21st century humans and the first ever alien race visiting Earth. Before there were any of your favorite Sci-Fi films, there were the 21st century humans, encountering the first ever intelligent life beyond their planet. The player will battle the alien race - and their monster creations - with various weapons and abilities such as, rolling, sprinting, vaulting, and crouching, over the course of several missions in a single-player campaign mode, all viewable from several camera angles. Various vehicles will also be available to the player's disposal to achieve certain goals in all of the missions.
  • TGE Game  ·  Open Community  ·  3 fans

    A social MMO with a music and style focus with 3 major cities and multiple private customizable residences where people could hang out, dance and listen to music. Check out the about section for more
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