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  1. Was not able to DL until today, DL now and I will begin playing with it today.
  2. Awesome! I will wait for your changes, then DL. Looking forward to playing with this.
  3. Hey Marauder, fantastic work on all of this! I will be DL and testing your editor, I am excited to see t2d being worked on. I love this 2d engine. Let me know if there are any areas in specific you wish to see tested out. I will reply back with some feedback when I do some tests.
  4. NP, I don't mind helping out T2D, as I said I love the little engine. Yeah I have quad monitors, so I get it. I would have just disconnected 3. Considering your reply and marauders, I think figuring out if it is connected to other devices is a good idea. If it is screen brightness on mobile devices that should definitely not be turned off. This is important to know. Does anyone have a test device? I have an android testbed its an older low end model that did not work out as an actual phone for me, got a better one and kept the low end one for testing. But I have nothing setup to test on it currently.
  5. Hey Greenfire27, I have not seen behavior like this in Torque 3d personally. I am on Win10 1903, AMD Ryzen CPU 2nd gen, and an amd 580 video card. This is through both 3.10.1 and the newest test versions of 4.0. I also have not seen it in Torque 2d using the same hardware (I love T2D so I play with it at times, I think it is one of the coolest unknow 2D platforms out there). However I never played with the gamma values either. I will try to test on this tomorrow or the day after. Will give feedback then. It could be hardware differences as well (perhaps T2D does not like your hardware in this instance). Replicating the problem on different hardware might show if this is a common problem across all hardware, or just a problem with certain hardware setups. Until you know if this is a universal problem or just a problem with certain setups I would wait and see before blowing out code. That's just my opinion, I wouldn't take something out until I knew it was an issue across the board. On the flip side the code is "older" and I use T2D, I have never used the gammaramp options. I have never needed to use anything like that for any of my experiments. As I said I will try to replicate on my hardware in the next couple days. Thanks for your work on T2D, awesome little 2D engine, I love it.
  6. I suppose it then becomes a question of at what point does sliding in google ranks as opposed to making the site actually reflect the current engine and current wiki/tutorials/assets. At what point does it become "needed" to change it in spite of any google results? I would love to see your mock ups personally, I am sure others would as well. Though this is starting to derail the thread and I suppose the conversation should be moved to the appropriate thread. If you can post the mockup in the websites thread so people can check it out I think that would be a good thing. Then everyone can check it out and give feedback. Changing the site will have to be done eventually. It will just keep getting longer in the tooth and slide further from the current development of the engine. Sorry for the derailment of the topic.
  7. I will just ignore Blood like I do Duion as I consider them the same class of people, Jeff. I did nothing except ask about a status which is natural when something new is coming out in ANY subject on said subjects website. You know, in the thread about the progress of the project. His response is laughable to me anyway, as none of it has anything to do with reality. I am "triggered" yet he is the one throwing memes and more insults. I did not nor have ever demanded results by x date, have never said the team needs to do anything in regards to timetable, features, or give reports on any timetable. I just asked and was insulted. Also note I am not asking every day or week, I have inquired once a month, and last time almost once in 2 months, hardly someone demanding anything or whining about anything. Does that mean anyone new coming here gets the same treatment? Yeah that's the way to promote the engine and its use. So I will now ix nay it as requested. Blood need not respond as I now have him ignored. No big deal. I will continue to ask about the status however, especially considering this SHOULD be the place and thread such an inquiry actually belongs on a forum dedicated to said engine. I am about promoting this engine and doing what I can to make it better, for ANYONE that wants to use it. I want this engine to do better, it is a fantastic engine and deserves to be more recognized as a tool for building games. As I have said repeatedly in other posts, I have nothing but respect for the devs and am thankful they put in the time and effort on their own for making this project move forward. In regards to the landing site in particular and the website in general yes I have noticed it has become dated, with old information, old tutorials, and some broken links here and there. I am hoping it can be cleaned up and redone eventually, the landing site and the forums are the forward public face of the engine and will turn some people off from using the engine. I know peoples time is limited and have no idea on who or when such a spring cleaning can take place but knowing it has been brought up (both in the forum thread about the site and you just now), is a good thing. I would volunteer but I am not a webdev, I know just enough to make me dangerous in that realm and just enough to make TERRIBLE websites. I am currently slowly collecting a lot of the older tutorials and updating them for 3.10/4.0, its one of the things I can do.
  8. It is not crazy or strange to assume an update will be listed on the game engines site. People shouldn't have to track down an update by going to discord or analyzing the code. Simple updates on the website of the engine is and should be normal, especially considering we all want to promote the game engine and make it grow. I am offended you seem to lump a bunch of people together including myself as a "whiner" who does little else. Asking for an update is not "whining", I have been nothing but polite in my inquiries, I am not demanding it be done now, I am and have been patiently awaiting updates from Jeff or anyone else, fully knowing this is a volunteer project. Quite frankly you sound like some elitist mule. Because people love to use an engine when they ask about it and are called whiners who do nothing by a developer of said engine on their public forums (which IS the logical place most people will go for information about the engine).
  9. Been almost 2 months since the last inquiry, curious where everything is at now.
  10. This looks great Steve! Anime Chick for the win over the cube!
  11. Awesome Jeff, I was just curious. Looking forward to the next update when your able to do so. I completely understand about weird times lol. That's great I will wait for you to finish the documentation on that. I am curious about the module implementation, you have glossed over it in various updates but a nice actual write up would be fantastic. OK, I will look into Torsion. I did not think there would be too much documentation on it I was just hoping. I will start with going over the source (both engine and Torsion) and reading the code comments and just hope people have been commenting on their code well enough to follow what is going on. Thanks a bunch Jeff!
  12. It is also difficult to break that concept down, what is "best of" depends on what you consider "important" as far as defining that definition. Marble Blast Ultra is made with Torque3d, and while not a "visually stunning" game, is a great game, fun to play and executed well. I even bought it because I love marble madness type games and this one was challenging, fun and worth playing, it has simple graphics however. Even some of the older demos look good in my opinion, and some of the free mission maps look good even if not complete games. Nils Deadly Matter project (RIP), and his new project look good and those are on DX9 and older now. When you say "best of" are you talking about just straight eye candy and comparisons to x,y engine features? Or the gameplay itself? Or do you mean overall game experience? In my opinion as I have said before I believe the gameplay and its execution itself is the most important thing to consider when looking at games. I think that trumps fancy graphics any day. Others might focus on the artwork, graphics, and what the engine can accomplish in that arena. It is an interesting subject. There are other games DUION did not mention that have been made with the torque engine over the years. Discussion about what defines "best of" aside, it would be nice to see a list that is easily seen.
  13. I did not know forester did that, good to know.
  14. That is great! Happy to be of any help. Good luck on whatever project your working on. Also if you are interested Phantom139 has released his full Torque book for free on GitHub recently. It is a great book full of Torque3d concepts and information. One of the best Torque specific books, the most recently written book and not far from the 3.10 version (I think it was written around the time of 3.5ish) so almost everything should apply and work. https://github.com/PhantomGamesDevelopment/Phantom-Games-Development-Packs/tree/master/The%20Ultimate%20Guide%20to%20Torque%203D
  15. Been about a month, just wondering about any possible progress... Also a question- Can you point me to any discussion and/or possible docs on the new "modules" and how they fit in and work? Also any docs on how or discussions on the actual editors and how they are implemented in the Torque IDE? I know I can go find it and figure it out if I have to, just curious if there are any written or discussed docs anywhere before I go do that.
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