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  1. It is also difficult to break that concept down, what is "best of" depends on what you consider "important" as far as defining that definition. Marble Blast Ultra is made with Torque3d, and while not a "visually stunning" game, is a great game, fun to play and executed well. I even bought it because I love marble madness type games and this one was challenging, fun and worth playing, it has simple graphics however. Even some of the older demos look good in my opinion, and some of the free mission maps look good even if not complete games. Nils Deadly Matter project (RIP), and his new project l
  2. Amazing Robert! Thank you! Also @Duion thanks for offering to host the book before Robert released everything, it is appreciated.
  3. Does anyone know where or how to get this book? I would just download it or buy it and download it from his site but it is no longer in existence. I cannot find it anywhere, I did find the preview version of the first 7 chapters in ONE place but they want a credit card to enroll and I am not doing that. I would try and contact Robert but have no idea where to even begin with his website down. I would REALLY like to own this book as it seems to have a lot of information I am interested in based on the chapter titles I have seen. Does any one have any information on the book or the preview v
  4. Hey just in case anyone has not seen and is interested Hi Rez has released all the Tribes universe games for free. Tribes and Tribes 2 had a huge impact for me as a gamer, I even still have my cd copies of Tribes 2. Anyway here is the link if anyone cares- https://www.tribesuniverse.com/
  5. No. Guess what? Not everyone is on the software political train. In fact most people are not. I love open source software and projects, I love supporting them and using them. I do not use them exclusively, nor have I ever done so, nor will I ever do so. I use tools to get a job done, not to make a software political statement. Nothing is being "infected" that is a ridiculously silly statement. I use visual studio. I bought torque when it was not open source. I use many proprietary pieces of software to get my tasks done, I do not care if it is open source or not. The fact I have to "registe
  6. Codes of Conduct are good things to have. Fully support this. They are in fact "normal" for every single type of online community I have ever been a part of. I have been a part of this community for more than 10 years, I just lurk a lot. The more polished we can get Torque 3d and its website and forums the better off Torque is.
  7. OK that makes sense. I am guessing it is legal reasons. If it was not there would be no reason to not release them, incompatibilities not withstanding. I plan on using Torque2D, so looked deeper into it recently. Ha ha, it was a bit disconcerting to realize there were no editors. I did a couple tutorials, went off fine and rather quickly. I am still familiarizing myself with how things are done and how things are structured. It looks like a nice clean little engine, I am having fun with it. Making a small demo game now to learn more. Thanks for the work put into T2D.
  8. I know nothing about the history of torque 2d, why is there no editor? looks like the previous non MIT versions had one. What happened?
  9. Thank you for the reply JeffR. I realized there was more than one person contributing after I went to the GitHub page. Thank you for actually answering my question in regards to a time frame and why it is where it is. I appreciate that. After consideration I will be running the 4.0 dev branch, and will give feedback to the team. I might begin contributing as I get better medically and become familiar with the engine again.
  10. I had no idea the team is currently just JeffR. Yes that does answer my question. Well, Super Props to JeffR then. I will just use the dev branch then as you have suggested Duion. Considering there is no team, I suppose using it will at least allow me to test it and give feedback. Thanks for the reply and help Duion!

    Torque 4.0

    Hello, I was just curious as to when 4.0 is estimated to be released. I appreciate all the work done by the team both now and in the past, however its been a while, and I cant seem to find anything regarding a real time frame for release other than "soon". Can anyone help me on a possible timeframe? I am not looking for a hard date of any kind, but something would be nice. I read all the forum posts on 4.0, and while all the assurances that I can continue my development with 3.10, it wont be that different etc. etc. I do not want to rely on any tools to port my current things into the new orga
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