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  1. MathJax is awesome, though I don't think I've actually ever seen anyone use it here before.
  2. Just wanted to chime in and say thanks for all the hard work. OS X support is a huge moment, and I might finally come back into the Torque fold after GG screwed the pooch on the T3D 1.1 release way back when.
  3. Out of curiosity, has anybody tried to directly compile the Linux client under OS X with MacPorts?
  4. Sure. Here's the PR - https://github.com/JeffProgrammer/Torque3D/pull/4 And here's my fork, which also has some of the newer patches from the official repo: https://github.com/elfprince13/Torque3D It builds and "runs", but doesn't seem to be quite working correctly graphically.
  5. We really ought to kill the carbon dependencies. CountMenuItems seems to be completely deprecated at this point. [edit] Alternatively, just make TORQUE_SDL default to ON. I'm assuming this is how you guys have been working, and I just found it. There's still some weird bits that I had to comment out between the SDL and Mac layers to get everyone on the same page about where Platform:: implementations were coming from. [edit 2] There are some really severe buffer overruns in macCarbFileIO.mm. I opened a PR for Jeff's repo to include these fixes.
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