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  1. Ahhh I missed that thread... thanks for the update. Problem Solved.
  2. Hi Guys, After porting some projects over to v3.9 I notice that there seems to be an issue with real time shadows. They just don't seem to render correctly. Is there a known issue in this regard ?
  3. This is excellent news. Looking forward to 4.0 which may well be the saviour of the Torque Engine... Well done guys!
  4. Any updates on a possible Binary ? :)
  5. OK cool. I'll keep an eye open for updates then!
  6. Awesome! I'm happy to test your latest build as I have access to a DK2 (but not a Vive just yet). I also own all of the licensed content in your list with the exception of AFX which I've never had a need for! *Edit* Have you by any chance played around with water volumes in your build ? They cause all kinds of render pain and suffering in the older Rift builds. If those issues are resolved in the latest DX11 stuff, it would save me a lot of trouble.
  7. Sounds great Paul! Most of my work has been with variants of the old Rift Valley build but that contains a zillion graphical issues, and makes the design process very limiting. Pain free-ish access to the latest VR blend of T3D would make life much easier.
  8. Would you be so kind as to provide a WIP project Binary ? That would be great for testing purposes!
  9. Hi Everyone! Quick question: Just wondering what the easiest way is to allow the player to freely rotate a pathCamera ? The idea is to allow the camera to travel between path nodes, but at the same time also allow free look rotational movement. Cheers!
  10. Check the console log for errors. It sounds like you have an issue somewhere in your datablock definitions.
  11. I believe Dead State was made with T3D also. There was a nice post-mortem article recently on Gamasutra: http://www.gamasutra.com/view/news/236847/Postmortem_DoubleBears_Dead_State__Controlling_scope_in_an_RPG.php Kind of sad that they basically say that in the end, they should have jumped to Unity rather than stick with Torque - but it seems a good game none the less.
  12. Well, now I know about it I can least avoid such situations in the future! But yes, I agree that the option to make a prefab should be disabled if the selected shapes already intersect or reside within an existing prefab so stop this from occurring.
  13. @Nils: Yes! That's exactly what I had... Basically several large rooms with a selection of pillars and other assets all grouped into prefabs. Definite intersections in terms of prefab boundaries. This sounds like a possible bug then...
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