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  1. Get it here right now. The Cut Scene Cam was originally going to be a paid product for T3D. I never announced it and only got it to an alpha/beta state before the market for paid T3D products dried up; so I never ended up finishing it. However, even in its current state, it's still fairly solid and better than any currently available alternative. The Cut Scene Cam is mainly about camera work, with a little bit of choreography thrown in. Compared to Verve which seems to be mainly about choreography, with a little bit of camera work thrown in. And, although this was never really finished, it still seems to be more stable, complete, and easier to install and use than Verve or the Game Mechanics Kit.
  2. The Universal AI Starter Kit has now been released under an MIT license! Get it here right now. Compared to the last commercial release of The UAISK, there have been quite a number of bug fixes and improvements, but no brand new features have been added. There are some changes which break backwards compatibility with that release (changes to names and the file structure). Because of this, it is recommended that you use this release starting from scratch (including making new AI and path markers). This release includes integration with the open source projects Walkabout and AFX. Some of portions these integrations are not fully documented or a part of the AI Marker Editor. This is code is unsupported. If you have any questions, you can post them here; but I may not get back to you at all or with a real answer. As an MIT release, others can work with The UAISK if they wish, or even merge it into the main branch of T3D. Hope you enjoy.
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