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  1. As I said before TSC is an initialism, not an extension used by microsoft. If you check the page for the extension: http://filext.com/file-extension/TSC you will see its used by TINA pro, circuit simulator software. Low risk for collision among torque users. If you check the page for .t3d however: http://filext.com/file-extension/T3D its used by Swift 3D, Topaz 3D, and Unreal Engine. High risk for collision.
  2. It seems to me like these features will take drastically less time to develop than the other listed features. They also don't break backwards compatibility. In my opinion these are useful features that I think justify a 3.10 release rather than holding them back until the rest of the features are finished.
  3. That usage is an initialism not a file extension. As a file extension .tsc is said to only be used by TINA: http://filext.com/file-extension/TSC which is a circuit simulator. Obscure enough that I think we're safe to use it.
  4. There is also a group of users, yourself included, who have unrealistically positive view about T3D capabilities. It blinds you to what the rest of the gamedev community is doing and causes the engine to further fall behind. If it were up to you T3D would never drop D3D9 support and thus always limit itself in capabilities. If such fanboyism isn't met with common sense it will grow to become a disease that spread among our users. Rather than discussing integrating Area Lights into T3D we're arguing about the video. So while T6, Unity, and UE4 (and likely all the other engines) are getting
  5. @Dwarf King: You and the others who originally responded to this literally ruined the discussion on the video. You can say whatever you want to justify that to yourself but you helped to derail what could have been an interesting and constructive discussion. You're contributing nothing positive and this is the third post where you've patronized my responses in an attempt to insult me. Great community we've got left here, really inviting.
  6. Sure, but this is a graphics demo. They described it as a graphics demo. Its described purpose is to showcase the state of graphics in Unity in 2016. If the video was about UI or gameplay elements and I criticized it on not showcasing graphics wouldn't that be dumb? So, could we try judging the video for what it is and not what you wish it would be? If you don't like videos about graphics, don't watch them, and don't comment on them. The reason why all these commercial engines release videos about graphics and not about the other engine features is because engines have pretty much mastered
  7. But as I mentioned before this was not the intention of the video. It's not an advertisement for Unity's gaming capabilities. It's their answer to Unreal's Kite video and the other graphical demonstrations. This is a quote from the Unity website for Adam: People are faulting it for goals it never had. The real discussion here should be what new tech did they bring to the table that T3D doesn't have, and how could T3D be improved to reach that level of quality. Instead we've just got a bunch of people trying to explain why the video is bad. It's just.. sad :(
  8. I wonder why they have not released it already. It would certainly give them a lot more advertising if they did. Could it be perhaps that not all is as it seems? :? I guess we will have to wait for that release and see lol I think it has more to do with upcoming SIGGRAPH 2016 than some kind of nefarious reasoning. Theres a huge computers graphics conference called SIGGRAPH at the end of the month and I bet they're holding off to release it as part of the presentation there. Eric Heitz and friends will be presenting the area light stuff, I imagine unity will have some kind of presentation t
  9. It was done at 1440p on a GeForce GTX980. They're releasing it soon so everyone can run it on their own machine. The video showcased a number of features combined to achieve a level of quality you would expect from something rendered offline. I don't think this is meant to be a game engine advertisement per-say. UE4 is sort of dominating the graphics category right now and has a booming arch viz and short film community (who are all switching over from offline renderers) so I think this is just Unitys response to that.
  10. It's a self described short film. Why would a short film have gameplay? That would make it a short game. This criticism would be valid if this was prerendered but its real time. High visual fidelity rendered in real time. Also its showcasing a new real time area lighting technique they developed and volumetric lighting implementation. You can read more about it here: https://eheitzresearch.wordpress.com/415-2/ If you take a close look at the video you'll realize that the majority of the impressive parts couldn't have been baked. Was the static environment in the beginning baked f
  11. The form allows you to cast your vote more than once so I wrote a bash script to vote for the choice I like best and I effectively ruined the poll :D edit: he fixed it :x :lol:
  12. In Torque 6 I switched the extensions to .tsc for Torque Script and .tsh for Torque Shader. So, that's where my votes at. One way or another I strongly believe .cs needs to change as it conflicts with C#.
  13. Yeah, was thinking that myself - but wasn't entirely sure. Maybe he'll chime in on it. The theory could be reused but the actual code can't. The plugin system is obviously very specific to Torque 6, but yes, it functions pretty much exactly as its being described here.
  14. I googled it to see if there was any material about this. I'm guessing it's the same as the Gamasutra article only in presentation form: http://www.gamasutra.com/view/news/236847/Postmortem_DoubleBears_Dead_State__Controlling_scope_in_an_RPG.php
  15. http://i.imgur.com/QAn71oT.jpg Tapa tapa tapa!
  16. Recently, sure, but Daniel used to sell walkabout. I paid for it, I'm sure many did. He deserved the money, it's good work. I'm not asking for money for my work (not to imply that's a negative thing), or any kind of compensation. I just want my name to remain on it, is that really asking so much?
  17. http://i.imgur.com/HFR45lz.jpg
  18. Why not just make a forum called Resources below Blogs?
  19. @buckmaster fuuuu @LukasPJ this is pretty neat. I like this system. @TRON HI TRON!
  20. I wonder if you get a notification for me quoting you on something you didn't actually say.
  21. Yeah, the only references to it are through random posts on the old forums + the link in the topic of the IRC channel. I told Lukas he should make a blog post announcing it but he said that's up to the steering committee.. so.. c'mon steering committee!
  22. I'll be honest, I don't really care. As long as there's a formatting popup window to give me hints on how to format, then BBCode or Markdown makes no difference to me. So, with that said, I should mention that the "BBCode" link down the bottom should target _new or _blank or whatever it is, rather than using the current window and potentially losing what you've typed in your post so far.
  23. This might be the first time the world has ever answered back!
  24. Mobile seems to work well. When I'm not logged in though the theme is the default blue one. When I logged in it changes to the red one. Only problem I spotted in the red theme is that it says "t3dforums.lukasj.org" at the top and it obstructs the Torque3D logo.
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