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  1. hi, sorry i dont get any notification, i though no one reply my post, thanks for the respond by the way, and do i need the physX source code to enable it or is there any compiled version of PhysX out there?
  2. i'm just curious if physic Cloth has been removed from Torque3D? as i cant see any code about physic cloth within the engine source code thanks :D :D
  3. the problem is your .dae model's rig/Skeleton isn't fit to the animation data that T3D provided, you need same skeleton/rig to get it worked properly
  4. Dont firget about cutscene editor pppfffttt
  5. hello guys greating from me again. i recently get interested in RTS game i dont know why. but i really blind. i dont know how to start. would you guys please tell me the recommended stuffs that i gonna need? such as server host. or the other thing? the most of you most likely would give me this link ----> http://docs.garagegames.com/torque-3d/official/index.html?content/documentation/Scripting/Advanced/RTSPrototype.html thanks before. at least to read my post
  6. i already used that resource, thats i show you the first pictures, all i looking for is how to set the orbit camera style at moment and the AIM System
  7. Hi everyone, i recently had unsolved problem (yet). in my project the player had different system to default player system. in my project the player is need aim system like in this picture http://s.pro-gmedia.com/videogamer/media/images/xbox360/resident_evil_6/screens/resident_evil_6_48.jpg by default the player system is already similar, but i have changed the default player system similar to this picture http://i.imgur.com/kVBkQWy.jpg (but the player still can shoot everytimes i press the left mouse button) the questions is -how to make a aim system? -how to make the player characters do aim system and had camera that follow the weapon's direction by pressing certain button(for example "Right mouse Button"? -how to make the player disallowed to shoot and had orbit camera style(EYE node as the offset) if the player didnt press the "Right Mouse Button"? -Which script that i have to use to make it possible? C++ or TorqueScript?
  8. you meant "Rewrite those" is the TorqueScript? i.e "Vignette.cs"?
  9. i have some .hlsl files that i get from different engine, the question is "is it can be used by T3D?" Thanks shandy.
  10. thanks for the reply, sir. i will try to do like what you said. Shandy.
  11. i've done this camera mode, but i want to add AIM function, which meant the player is disallowed to shot while running/walking, the player just can shoot when the player Aiming. the question is how to disable the fire while the player is running/walking? i'm thinking it would be similiar to OnStartSprinting function but i just found a row of code, please help. i'm sorry before for my bad english thanks sandityas.
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