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  1. We're mostly focused on some bits to batch convert old script files to the new entries and one-to-one source line replacements to make it simpler for folks to upconvert at present. Shouldn't be too much longer on a new binary build, but don't want to make promises as far as when beyond that. Mean time, the fork were beating up prior to throwing it into preview head is https://github.com/Areloch/Torque3D/tree/AssetMacros_w_ProjectImport if folks want to see where that's going in general.
  2. If you mean dae/fbx ect, once .cached.dts files have been generated, the original files can be removed. If you mean scripting, if you follow http://wiki.torque3d.org/coder:compiling-in-windows , then flipping the TOQUE_SCRIPTING switch on will allow you to generate.dso files that can also be executed instead of your old .cs/tscript/ ect files and remove those as well.
  3. https://github.com/TorqueGameEngines/Torque3D was a relatively recent swap over, so can see why that wouldn't turn on up. twitter torque3d in google brings up this end 'Get involved' - left a love note to get that link fixed 'Goes to features list and' - it's a fair critique. We do tend to err on the side of 'ok, have we *really* run out of ways to beat this up for general use' before we consider stickin it on a feature list since making the promise something will be in if it aint already is a good recipe for worse will than just not listing it. 'No updates -> PAGE' - what kind of
  4. This with directx, or opengl? As was stated multiple times in jeffs workblog, you need a minimum of a skylight to have ibl, and at time of writing, saving the files is dx only. (working on fixing that)
  5. https://github.com/Areloch/Torque3D/ working branch at time of writing. (may end up moving that to a fork on https://github.com/Torque3D/Torque3D, and from a quick look, already did so as of a couple days back). That'd be where most of those 'resolved' tags came from. according to the discord pinned list (again, https://discord.gg/zSeWPfu is where we do the live chat and file toss around), http://ghc-games.com/SC/Preview4_0_bld5_win.zip http://ghc-games.com/SC/Preview4_0_bld5_lin.zip http://ghc-games.com/SC/Preview4_0_bld5_mac.zip for prebuilt binaries. The general consensus seems to
  6. Another case of 'we'd like to look into' getting whisper-translated to 'we are', I'm afraid. One of the reasons I at least stick to live chats about possibilities and leave forums for the realm of 'so here's where we're at on this/what we've prototyped enough to say, yeah, we'll probably do'
  7. I'll simply reiterate the same thing I said in discord on the matter: smothering an observation in bile doesn't make it any more correct or incorrect. Just means it takes that much longer to wade through the spew to get at the point trying to be made, and less likely folks get what they are trying to ask for since it makes it more difficult to parse.
  8. https://discord.gg/tDffZrS would be the daily discord talks link. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCuQHnYAuiKmanS1QPmqzk1w would be jeffs youtube at least. twitter: we asked the guy running that one to hold off a bit on pointing directly at current wipwork since we didn't want to propagate bad information as we try a few things on out layout/design wise particularly in regards to porting old projects to the new systems so we can properly document the crap out of that. forums are important too. why it was so irritating to see concise data briefings buried under off-topic. though do still thi
  9. If you people spent less time hijacking the thread to go on these entirely tangential screeds, you might have caught that the last few weeks of focus have been on the asset system, both automatic and configuration-based individual and batch importing, and methodologies we'd been batting around to make that better backwards compatible.
  10. Zones and Portals system. You're right. Constantly hijacking a thread about the work being focused on at the time of writing so that folks can review that point for bugs or things to refine isn't useless. Useless would imply 0 instead of some negative number. It's actively counterproductive. Start a new thread.
  11. first draft, go ahead and throw this at it, see if that covers it... bool Platform::openWebBrowser( const char* webAddress ) { //should handle unicode better here... int nRet = (int)ShellExecute(NULL, TEXT("open"), String(webAddress).utf16(), NULL, NULL, SW_SHOWNORMAL); if (nRet <= 32) { DWORD dw = GetLastError(); wchar_t szMsg[250]; FormatMessage(FORMAT_MESSAGE_FROM_SYSTEM, 0, dw, 0, szMsg, sizeof((const wchar_t*)szMsg), NULL); Con::errorf(ConsoleLogEntry::General, "Platform::openWebBrowser - Failed to open %s due to %s", webAddress, String(szMsg).c_str()); }
  12. Speaking of markers, short of illegal, would make it a point to tag whatever post-instance triggered the banning. Makes it clear to onlookers what exactly triggered a mod action (which in turn makes it easier all around to review it if a *mod* is having a bad day/tripping on a personal pov and reading more into it than was said). Sunlight being the best disinfectant and all.
  13. You are consistently failing to separate the action from the actor. Nobody is saying folks cannot object to an action. What they are saying (and all that this CoC codifies) is that you can and indeed are encouraged to criticize any given act or product. But if the language used is applied to an individual or group and not the act itself then it's downright counterproductive. Just look at how badly your actions have cut yourself off from the rest of the community to see that as a consequence of the continued inability to draw the distinction. Circling back to the OP to give an example:
  14. Have you considered just not labeling a person with a negative attribute simply because you either don't understand their point of view or disagree with it, and instead focusing on the point of disagreement? This thread shows otherwise. Fix yourself.
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