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  1. https://t4d.freeforums.net/ Hello, I'm conducting a psychological experiment to determine whether the absence of certain forum content would spur community and torque growth. Feel free to post anything and everything torque related in the above linked forum. Thanks and have fun!
  2. Necroposting cus I main necro: Jigglebones. 3D "Decals" (think SOMA's barnacles). Mounting anything to anything (including model bones). Linux static library compile. API for texturing objects with advertisements. Fixing ChangeMaterial synchronization. Hair shader with physics. Voxels. Metaballs.
  3. I also need a logo. It should include the game name and an anime representation of the main character.
  4. Those are pretty standard. I'm looking for oddities such as this (linked by tim in irc)
  5. I've got the usual gamemodes done for my game (koth, ctf, etc). I'm looking for some interesting new ideas to implement. What fun gamemodes have you played or wish that existed?
  6. Hello, I need an artist at indie prices (fixed or rev-share). I need a level, costumes for a character, weapons and particle effects. http://img.ctrlv.in/img/16/06/05/575456fb35904.png
  7. https://github.com/practicing01/Torque3D/blob/dab421261fe6dd4c9e05dbc361d032af268e4fee/Engine/source/platformX86UNIX/nativeDialogs/fileDialog.cpp#L209 For me, a lot of the gui elements for the dialogs don't show. I get the most important one though, the address bar. With that you can navigate and input the file name.
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