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  1. Ah. Good call. Btw, I haven't seen any "buildFiles" for those versions. Do they work with the 2012 solution included with the templates?
  2. I was the guy. ;) And that's correct. For some reason the 3.8 binaries are no good. You need to compile your own for collision to work with staticShapes, vehicles, and AI players. So grab a copy of MS Visual Studio 2012 Express, compile, and you should be good to go with vehicle mounting.
  3. @Duion, @Azaezel, and @L3zak: Thanks for the tips, images, and time you spent checking. With your help and a discovery I made (that the level 'visible distance' drastically affects DOF), I was able to see it working and adjust as needed. By setting the visible distance to 100 or 1000, the DOF settings are more noticeable (especially auto-focus). :D
  4. @Duion: I checked out the desert level, but didn't see any DOF. (It was enabled as you said.) @L3zak: Thanks for the info. Tried it out, still no DOF. I must be missing something. When enabled in my own project, all objects (near and far) receive no blur, no matter which one I'm looking at. (Only time I get blur is if looking at the sky, then everything is blurry - except the sky.) If there are 3 columns, one near, one in the middle, and one far and I look at the middle column, the other 2 should be blurry. That's my understanding of DOF. Is that correct?
  5. @Duion: Cool. I'll check it out. Is it possible to get to the editor to check settings in Ubergame? @Azaezel: Yes, those are the options I'm talking about.
  6. Correct. But when enabled, the settings do not change anything. The only time I notice any difference is when looking at the sky and zooming in the gun sight (which is the default behavior on the included missions). Figure I am missing something and hoping for some tips. 8-)
  7. Anybody have a working DoF example? All I've seen is the empty room mission where you zoom in, look off into the sky, and it blurs everything else. Thanks. Specs: Win 10 x64, T3D 3.8
  8. (Solved) Confirmed. I compiled from source and now there is collision for staticShapes, vehicles, and AI players. Thanks for the info Azaezel! Wonder why the pre-compiled exe has an issue...
  9. I did some more tests. Same results on Win 7 x64. Btw, I am using the pre-compiled 32 bit exe that is included in the package from the wiki. Did you compile your own?
  10. Windows 10 x64 with new project based on Full Template (with 32 bit exe from wiki package) and Torque physics and standard move class. (No engine changes). You guys were able to collide with and 'hop' in the Cheetah? I'll try another vanilla project tonight and let you know if I have the same results.
  11. Recently, I've been playing around with Kaboom and destructible objects. After adding to 3.8, I noticed I could walk and shoot right through them. No collision. So I tried in 3.7 and collision works. I can't walk through the shapes. And I can shoot them. Also, I noticed that in the Outpost mission (in 3.8), you can no longer enter the Cheetah by walking into it. I went back to the Outpost mission (in 3.7) and I was able to drive the Cheetah by colliding with it. Finally, AI players lack collision as well in 3.8. I did some reading and it seems like vehicles, players, and staticShape
  12. l was just going to post the same discovery. ;)
  13. Thanks for testing. (I was hoping it was just some silly oversight on my part... sigh). I'm working on it now, but with out any console data, it's tough. Hopefully, I'll have a "Eureka!" moment at some point. :shock:
  14. Thanks. Let me know how it goes. It's such a useful add-on, it would be great to keep it compatible with the current version of T3D.
  15. Hi all. I'm trying to implement UAISK in T3D 3.8, but it crashes when I click the "New Use Defaults" button in the editor when I try to create a new marker. (It also doesn't work in T3D 3.7 either.) Confirmed working in T3D 3.5 and 3.6.3. Anybody know of a code change between 3.6.3 and 3.7 that could cause this? Bc I was surprised it's not working since it's all scripting; no engine changes. Note: I used the custom install UAISK instructions and these additions: http://www.garagegames.com/community/forums/viewthread/134878 (post #9)
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