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  1. Are the lighting issues fixed? :D
  2. T3D is pretty fast. It might not work well on all platforms, or render shiny things, but it's fast and efficient. Networking is also top-notch.
  3. Why is your first goal to move away from Torque 3D?
  4. The compilation issues with libCollada, which i got past after making some minor fixes. Also, the terrain in OpenGL seems very unstable. The character falls from it in certain areas (can't give more information right now, i'm trying to find a pattern in order to report this) and there are seams in the textures whenever you use normal or parallax mapping. There are also random crashes with large terrains, but i also wasn't able to find a pattern yet. Are there any other Linux users out there? Maybe we can help by debugging together and sharing reports :geek:
  5. I've noticed many bugs in the 3.9 OpenGL implementation that were reported since 3.7. So, it doesn't seem that much was done on that part. Is there a changelog of the fixes made to OpenGL?
  6. Where i can find more info about the ECS implementation? Is OpenGL in sync with DX11 features?
  7. Seems to have some bugs left: https://github.com/GarageGames/Torque3D/milestones/3.9
  8. https://help.github.com/articles/open-source-licensing/#what-happens-if-i-dont-choose-a-license
  9. Have you read the post on the FSF website? If you did, you'll realize that "Open Source" has unintended meanings, quoting: Not only FOSS is not Open Source, but Open Source is not open source. Such confusion is a pain in the ass, because companies love to market that their EULA-restricted releases are open-source. They are, but not in the OSI definition, or in the FSF definition of FOSS. For anyone in further doubt: https://tldrlegal.com
  10. Here: https://github.com/GarageGames/3SS You seem to be confused between free and open source software, and just open source software. UE4 is opensource. CryEngine is open source. 3SS is open source. They're not, however, free or libre. http://www.gnu.org/philosophy/open-source-misses-the-point.en.html
  11. You don't really know how game development works, do you? Are you sure you're not looking for something like GameGuru or Axis Game Factory? Seems to be more well suited for your expectations and skill set. T3D is not a nightmare, by a longshot. It was, however, completely abandoned for a long time. With the source release, it's slowly getting traction and being improved by the community. If you want to make a game with a few clicks, this is not the place. Never was, not even when it was a product.
  12. You don't even know how to change some basic UI code and you want to make "your own engine"? Sounds like you want to create a branded version of Torque and sell it on Steam for a quick profit. Otherwise, if you just want to learn, make a skin and share it here. Don't be a dick.
  13. What's shadergen? A built-in tool to create materials for T3D? Thanks a lot for the hard work guys!
  14. I remade the weapon skeleton and animations as well, both for arms and weapon models. The originals also had terrible issues. Just to give you an idea of how buggy it is: i bought the art packs from GarageGames and used the source MAX files to export everything back to the engine again, with no changes at all. Bugs everywhere: wrong animations, bone issues, etc. What a mess.
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