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  1. mmm... looks intresting, i think you look or search for a animator, not a 3d artist! however, guess im thinking a 3d artist is just a 3d Modeller, not a animator, but maybe not. well i dont know, really much the definition
  2. I saw, a lot of videos and i want to know, if there is any chance to have 3d texures and a higher txture resolution? Otherwise, would be nice to have more Textures to use, like in other games , too! Three of them are the default ones, like Difused, Normal/bump and Specular, i dont know if displacement, occlusion mapping ones, working fine in or is supported! PBR/PBS maybe should work also in a DX 9 rendereing path, but im not sure!
  3. Need some to WRITER'S and 2D ARTIST'S!
  4. Need help to get a project finished! its called now, VERTICAL GRIP, its just a Action based climbing game, in where can up to 8 player climb against some mountains, one mode is not based of time (big mountains), and another is based on time, (little Mountains), then there is weather system, rain aso. also a "Deathmatch" climbing mode, in where little stones or big stones falling from the top of the mountains, and the goal is to be the first on top of the mountains, without any damage or a bit of weather system should have influences of the climber, like a snow wind, that cools down youre
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