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  1. The 64-Bit allows us to push past the 2 GB memory limit, and load in a ton of stuff. Here is a cutaway with the hull removed, where you can see all the decks, doors, stairs, etc. http://riversidefantasy.ca/screencaps/00-Cutaway.jpg And also, it allows the Oculus Rift dual-rendering to stand a chance, without crashing like it would in 32-Bit: http://riversidefantasy.ca/screencaps/31-RiftView.jpg ...Now we go to work finishing up all the deck furnishings and activating buttons and consoles... I want to build some interactive original series episodes where excerpts play on t
  2. Hello everyone, I can happily report that we now have a fully up-to-date 3.7 running in 64-Bit, with full AFX and advanced character kit integrated along with pathshape and guitexturecanvas/fxGuiSnooper. Also a few other little resource gems in there. It all works fantastic and I can't even make it crash if I try lol. Here is some of the fun we are having with this exciting upgrade... These are just low-res caps for the web, final product will be sharper. Also, the FPS meter is low because I took these on my old test rig dual-core 4gb ram machine, and it's actually still totally play
  3. OK phew, turned out to be simple. Thought I had both machines synched up with latest code, but had missed one of the animation .cs files for the player models, it had one less animation listed in the add sequences step. Anyhow just did a compile fresh mirror on the other machine and all the anims work client side again. Glad it was just a synch issue.
  4. lol ya that could be fun... It's really weird, have never seen it before. It's basically the same exe/dll as our other game, just with the PhysX taken out. In the other game, I always play it multiplayer and have never noticed these animation issues - and like I said it's the same engine, with the advanced character kit integrated. The codebase is from around T3D 3.0. It must be script related, we are growing this new game and must have done something that breaks the animation sequences client-side. But what the hell would do that?!? If animations work host-side, how are they hand
  5. Hi all, Went to test our game in multiplayer, and the player animations are all wonky. To the host, the client appears fine - if he changes weapons or does a salute or whatever the host sees it properly. However, client-side, the player animations are all mixed up. When the client salutes, the host sees a salute but the client sees a wave. When the client dies, he sees a celebration animation while the host correctly sees the death animation. I don't remember this being an issue before, and am wondering what could be causing it... I have used this same build/exe in another game a
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