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  1. any new precompiled builds available for testing? I have windows and macs I can test on. Also a 4k monitor.
  2. We are looking at playing an animation in a loop, but at the end of the loop the animation pauses and the model fades out and simultaneously fades back in at the start point of the loop. How do we get the model to fade with transparency instead of the fizzle-fade type effect that you get when switching between LODs?
  3. Any idea of the timeframe for this release?
  4. Still going over cleanups and pure additions, like the Mac support you'll find in the development fork. So this new version has full mac support out of the box no tweaking needed?
  5. http://wiki.torque3d.org/main:downloads The binaries and package file is the same is that right, no package?
  6. Looks like the next version 3.9 may have Mac capabilities Wayne http://forums.torque3d.org/viewtopic.php?p=5910#p5910
  7. I got the 3d clouds from pacific demo working
  8. Wow Timmy that looks great. If you need any help with testing please let us know. I don't have a Mac but some of our users do and they are pretty eager to help out with some beta testing of our game environment. They are not all tech savvy though but at least they are willing, if you can give them some clear instructions about what they need to do to build it and get it installed then we may be able to help. :D
  9. Thanks. It's just a suggestion. Most of our users are not gamers which explains why some of them have Macs. I don't have a Mac but we can probably draught some of our users into helping with testing a Mac build. There's always a balance with allocating what limited resources are available we all know that having worked with Torque3d for so many years and most of us having to work with others on our projects are well aware of limitations on budget and manpower. It's not as fun or dramatic as a new cutting edge render engine I know but I think it's something we have to be serious about or we won't be taken seriously and the user base will shrink. As you say we are closer now than ever, it's a good opportunity, I think we should keep the ideal of cross compatibility high on the list of priorities. It's as if we are almost there and maybe with an extra push it will get to a point of stability and stay on the agenda that's what we are hoping for. By the way the latest developments really are unprecedented and unexpected and all I can say is keep up the awesome good work.
  10. I'm sorry to hear that. Could I make a suggestion for the steering committee? Instead of pushing the engine even further ahead in 4.0 and going for PBR which is ahead of the curve but maybe a little too far ahead of the curve, why not put all our resources into making the engine cross-platform compatible which will do more than anything else to bring it up to date and increase the user base? It's been tried several times now and failed, how about putting all our resources into it and putting it on an equal footing with the other game engines and making a Mac, Linux and Android version before we go any further ahead?
  11. I don't have a Mac but some of my users do, maybe they can help with testing. How can I contact JeffH about it?
  12. How's the 3.9 final release coming along? Can I put in a request for out of the box Mac support? Some of our users aren't gamers and they have Macs.
  13. Skipper

    Better Foliage

    I found another Cryengine tutorial with a slightly different approach on Youtube. I think it's interesting because it uses real world grass textures rather than computer generated stuff plus it shows some shortcuts to photorealism using NDO normal map generation. Also looking at the Cryengine workflow in this visual way highlights some of the similarities with the Torque forest editor settings. The end result looks okay too. I'm going to have a go at it and post some of the results.
  14. I loaded a 16bpp png 4096 heightmap (32mb) I saved in Photoshop to make a terrain and it crashed. I managed to get the heightmap to load and create a terrain which I saved but as soon as I try to paint it or load a 4096 base map into the terrain painter it crashes. I'm using the 3.8 final release. http://orb.uk.net/skipper/DesertMountains_Height40965.png
  15. Do we have a 3.8 release candidate ready for testing yet?
  16. Please can you give an estimated release date for 3.8 final?
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