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  1. yeah, it doesn't work in modern browsers because ActiveX is a dead technology. What others were saying when they said 'old'. Most games and engines now use Emscripten which cross compiles c++ to asm.js or webassembly. But Torque3D does not support Emscripten. There would be a lot of changes needed that would take a long time to support it.
  2. JeffH

    Mac Port

    Hey thanks @Timmy for picking up where I left off :) I want to stress that we would like to see as many mac users as possible test this, because we are very limited as to what hardware we can test with MacOS. I have a 2013 15inch Macbook Pro w/ retina display with Intel Iris Pro graphics, and a 2011 mac mini with Radeon HD 6630M dedicated gpu (low end). It would be nice to see how it performs on say an iMac with a higher end GPU (GTX 660M/GTX 780M/Radeon R9 280M) with official MacOS drivers.
  3. I can confirm that it compiles and runs with the 10.11 latest SDK using XCode 7.0.1 and MacOS 10.11.5. You need to do 2 things in CMake: 1. set the CMAKE_OSX_DEPLOYMENT_TARGET property to 10.9 2. set the CMAKE_OSX_ARCHITECTURES property to i368 I will not recommend supporting below 10.9.5 Note that you will get a CPU fatal error. Well...it's not fatal as its just platform detection, and fatal errors on OSX are broken and don't abort the process. Just press OK and it will continue to run :D
  4. macosx branch. the cocoa branch should probably not be used as that was when I was being stubborn on SDL as it was still unstable and thinking about just porting everything. I also broke some functionality in the branch as well :l. Probably just use the macosx branch. It needs to be pulled up to date with devhead and tested, so that should probably be the first thing. Then SDL functionality, get it working with 32bit, followed by the transition of deprecating like *all* of platformMac folder as its carbon based, and then transition to cocoa. If you have any questions just ask and I'll try to clarify.
  5. Mac OSX Cocoa branch is very unstable and broken as I was just getting it to compile and load a blank window on x64. The branch you will want to use is the macosx one as that is more stable. It requires compiling with the 10.7 SDK and 32bit only, because it depends on old deprecated (and removed in later SDKs) carbon API. So in general, requirements: - Mac OSX 10.7 Lion or later. (Not tested on MacOS Sierra beta obviously) - OpenGL 3.2 compatible card (basically any graphics card that can run 10.7+ that isn't Intel GMA. Intel HD 3000 or higher works fine). - You must compile with the Apple Clang/LLVM compiler and not GCC 4.2. - You must compile with the 10.7 Lion SDK. Any other SDK is untested and will probably fail because of missing api functions. The machine I developed on had this spec: OSX: 10.10 - 10.11 XCode: 6.x - 7.x CPU: Intel Core i7 2750HQM 2.0ghz (4 cores, 8 threads) RAM: 8GB DDR3 1600mhz GPU: Intel Iris Pro SSD: 250GB Advanced lighting is experimental and pretty much works as is. Basic lighting works pretty good. OpenAL sound works. Performance is jank and sucks really bad, but then again apple hardware uses mobile chips and Torque3D was most likely developed for desktop PCs in mind. Its been 9 months and I don't know when I will get back to continuing it, if ever. Right now the branch is sitting at Torque3D 3.6.x and is really far behind.
  6. So, folks, az and i found out that state blocks were messing up advanced lighting. That is now fixed. spotlights need fixed but we know its more stateblocks that are needed to be checked. I added in the openal fixes from Tim-MGT that he sent me probably over a year ago, so now we have advanced lighting and sound working! It's progress people! Oh, and you do not need the 10.7 SDK anymore to compile. Just make sure that you compile as 32bit because we still rely on carbon. Please note that 64-bit is planned so that we do not have to rely on old frameworks anymore. :) http://imgur.com/Bxlfg4r ^^bbcode isn't working...so just providing link...
  7. JeffH

    T3D in the future

    Note once Torque updates to using the windows SDK, even DX9 will not require redistributables. Rather, the developer can provide the d3dcompiler_xx.dll file
  8. JeffH

    T3D in the future

    I just want to say that I am still able to run DX7 and OpenGL 1.1 in hardware. I doubt ISVs will stop supporting any api for a _very_ long time.
  9. JeffH

    T3D in the future

    rgr that one. I'm gonna reckon there will be some performance, considering drawcall overhead is def. reduced between DX9 and DX11 if your drawcall bound. Won't be as good as DX12/Vulkan/Metal but still should bring up to part with more-like GL drawcall perf.
  10. >osx support awe man, i gotta kick it up a couple of notches now so you plebs get this in time ;3 Congrats and thanks everyone for contributing!!
  11. quick update: The prepass stage in advanced lighting is good. lightinfo is where we're failing at. Will be doing more debugging soon. Gettin' narrower and narrower to hopefully once and forall fix advanced lighting on mac.
  12. https://github.com/JeffProgrammer/Torque3D/tree/macosx Started about a week ago. Here's what we got done, and what we *need* done. Contributers: - @Azaezel - Glenn S. - @JeffR HW tested on so far: - Macbook Pro Late 2013 15inch - Intel Core i7 2.00ghz (4 physical, 8 logical) - 8GB DDR3 1600mhz RAM - Intel Iris Pro 1536MB - 256GB SSD Requirements: - An Intel Mac (if you are using PPC still....why are you on a gamedev forum) - OSX 10.9+ (OpenGL 3.3 stuff is being used at the moment) - Xcode using LLVM/Clang compile as 32bit (relying on carbon) What works: - Basic lighting pretty much works, haven't found any issues yet - Gui renders and works - General fixes for the apple platform - OpenGL fixes to the mac platform is getting to be pretty solid - most PostFX - Impostors render correctly - Reflections work fine - Advanced lighting mostly works, see below for what needs fixed - CMake build system - OpenAL sound system What needs done: - Carbon needs to be gutted out of there for 64bit. - Advanced lighting - spotlights [and probably point lights] need fixed - There's some stupid crash when calling .dump() on an object There are a bunch of shader warnings, but I believe that is the OSX driver because we manually bind attributes of input and output in shaders that are not used in every shader for consistency. In regards to OpenGL, there seems to be some corruption that is happening within the circularvolatilebuffer system, where occasionally a vbo handle seems to be invalid.
  13. @Gibby I've gotten it to compile with LLVM 6.0, so it should work with just a few modifications.
  14. both are equivalent. !strcmp is the same thing as strcmp == 0. When the strings are equal, it returns 0.
  15. shoutouts to garagegames for saying that ThinkTanks was made with Torque3D. Sure.... I'm pretty sure that was TGE considering it was like 2003 era.
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