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  1. Coucou everyone, I have a problem, I added a new class and one function of this class calls a function from a ".dll" file. I the game, I didn't create any instance of this class. And I just run the game, It got crashed...why ?
  2. Hi everyone, I am new to Torque3D. We have developed a input device simillar to Oculus, and we want to add our input's SDK to Torque3D so the game created by Torque3D would work with our device. I would like to know how to add out SDK. I check the current version (3.7) which supports Leapmotion, and Oculus. However, I am blocked at some points when reading the codes. I would like to know a general way, or steps, then I can learn it myself. But I dont know where to start. Hope somebody can help me, and thx in advance.
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