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  1. But it's a double-edged sword - will people tolerate ads? im not certain the ads are mandatory but i dont proclaim to know how these things work, i view a few forums (Yaktribe/Warseer/Odroid) with tapatalk while im out and i dont see any adds on them i dont tend to post from tapatalk, i use it more for viewing/catching up with whats happening, a poll seems like a good idea
  2. looking good, a thread would be a good idea, or even a little blog if you have the time to keep it updated
  3. A couple of replies already, you are a wanted man :D i have something called the FreeRPG Project which has recently been started, you can find more information here : https://freerpgproject.wordpress.com/ If it seems like something you would like to contribute to then please get in touch via the contact form at the website or through the forum. Thanks mic
  4. Hi all, I'm in need of a logo for my FreeRPG Project and was hoping one of you may be able to help me out by creating one for me. I have been trying a few different things myself but have never been happy with anything i create. This is probably the best of my days attempts at this : Best attempt I don't know if it is allowed but the only other design "idea" i have had is to use the T3D logo and place a sword or something running through the middle either straight up or a couple in a cross. If you have your own idea's that's great, i'm pretty much open to anything. :D The only stipula
  5. i also get no sound through either openal/null, ubuntu 14.04 one other thing i have noticed is when i try typing into anything (naming things/etc) if any of the keys i need to type are pre-set shortcuts for something then you cant always type that letter because it does whatever the shortcut is, i have noticed u and g being problematic so far
  6. installed following the instructions from the wiki on Ubuntu MATE 14.04 with nvidia 346.22 driver from ppa last night, after some fumbling around with a libGL linker error which i couldnt fix and i put down to my GFX driver being configured wrong, i reinstalled Ubuntu MATE and my GFX driver from the correct source then followed torque wiki and it worked perfectly ! i get a few errors when trying to close the program or change from editor to play mode, where would useful information be stored so i can post a log ? here is my console.log when it happens, its the only file iv noticed so far wh
  7. tapatalk is pretty "big" im rather surprised by that, like i said, non-essential but would be nice !
  8. yup, id like to tapa tapa tapa ;) its not essential im just lazy and dont like switching between browser/app :D
  9. Would it be possible to get tapatalk support for the forum ?
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