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  1. So I've finally had a little more time to look at this - I've discovered that by removing overdarkening (lightParams.y) in the shader, the shadow acne seems to have disappeared, but I'm left with overly meek shadows, which makes me question whether it is still there - I just can't see it? The same effect can be seen just by turning overdarkening off in the editor so I don't think I'm really on the right track :/ I tried implementing the shadow filtering other shadow types use but it had no effect on the artefacts.
  2. Yeah, changing the far plane value didn't seem to make much of a difference to the final image - if anything else comes up while I'm playing with it I'll note it down here for you guys :)
  3. Hi Jeff - of course! This is the default near plane (0.1): http://i.imgur.com/oTb829r.jpg And this is the near plane halved (0.05): http://i.imgur.com/jCosWnD.jpg The lighting set up could be better sorry, if you'd like I can retake the pictures in outpost or something. It's great to hear that the shadows will be getting some work - I would contribute myself but, as I've said, they're far from my strong point :$ I've considered trying to add in nVidia's shadowlib/shadowworks but this would break OGL and DX9. Plus my preliminary attempts were less than successful.
  4. So I had a little success clearing up the cubemap shadows by lowering the near plane but... they don't look great, and players don't cast shadows. I think I'm going to try to study up on lighting and shadow rendering and see what I can do when either 3.10 or 4.0 are released (I don't want to mess with the rendering side of the engine while it is being overhauled).
  5. Okay! The black screens were my fault, the targets.cs file wasn't executing. All running smooth now! Thanks for the help Azaezel, I feel like I've wasted peoples time now lol
  6. Because AwTextureTarget::onAdd isn't being called at all
  7. Okay, so it looks like *AwManager::findTextureTargetByMaterial(BaseMatInstance *mat) isn't returning a material instance...
  8. It looks like AwTextureTarget::getTexture() is never called :/ and neither is AwContext::copyToTexture() I think the problem may either be in AWShape or perhaps the way Torque maps texture targets has changed? I'll keep looking into it.
  9. Thanks for the response :) I'm running against the latest head of 3.9, the GetMatrixFromUpVector error still occurs with the fix applied. The error doesn't occur on release builds, only debug, so I'm wondering if it'll be a big deal - I won't know until I get it working though lol. I managed to get the AwGUI to render properly by changing &GFXDynamicTextureProfile to &GFXDefaultStaticDiffuseProfile - for my game this is mostly all I need, but I'd still like to help get to the bottom of this for others sake :) Thanks, Ben
  10. Hi all, I've been trying to get Steve Lundmark's Awesomium resource running in T3D 3.9 but I've encountered two problems - Firstly, the shapes don't seem to render anything, they just appear black. Secondly, if I try to interact with the shapes, I error out with a GetMatrixFromUpVector > Vector is not normalised. Getting the code to compile was trivial - just replacing both instances of AwDataSource::OnRequest (int id, const Awesomium::WebString &path) with void AwDataSource::OnRequest (int id, const Awesomium::ResourceRequest& request, const Awesomium::WebString &path) got it compiling beautifully. Any help with where to get started on this would be great - I'm lost in the code at the moment. I know there's been a lot of rendering changes since T3D 3.5 - could this be the root of the problem? Thanks, Ben
  11. Hi, I was just wondering if anyone has been working on more accurate shadows for Torque3D. The game I've been working on in my spare time is light-and-shadow stealth centric and the parabolic shadows in Torque3D just don't cut it for accuracy - if the geometry is complex enough, they look fine, but the distortion warps them in such a way that they're not representative of the actual path of the lights, and they don't always seem to 'pick up' all the geometry, leaving large gaps in the rendered shadow. I've tried the box shadow maps, and they're far more accurate but produce a lot of artefacting. Any help would be very much appreciated, as graphics programming is far from my strong point.
  12. Hi, At the moment in order to 'wake' physics objects so that the player character can interact with them I've added if(%col.getClassName() $= "PhysicsShape"){ %col.applyImpulse("0, 0, 0", 2); } to the bottom of PlayerData::onCollision. I've tried exposing the setSleeping variable to script as an alternative means but had no luck with it. It's entirely possible that I'm completely misunderstanding how physicsShapes are supposed to work, but as far as I can tell during the simulation they sleep when their level of motion is reduced to a small enough level and can only be woken again by interactions from another physics object or by having applyImpulse() called. Is there a better way to wake physicsShapes? Or a way to set them not to sleep if, say, the player is in close proximity? Thanks
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