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  1. Hello, Torque 3D is on this list: https://www.khronos.org/vulkan/ Did i missed something?
  2. C'mon. I was under the impression that some one can give a hint about that and we all should be happy that t3d i used. S
  3. Is @Timmy alive? Didn't he had a "breakup" with t3d ?
  4. You mean the Steering Committee? That does not exist anymore for years now, just in case you did not know. Regarding to the topic, I don't even know what this is good for, it just says rendering framework, what are you supposed to use it for? It seems to be middleware not designed for end users. It has T3d at the end. T3d is used as a engine from what i get.
  5. Hello, i don't use it. I just found out. My idea was to ask the forum, maybe some one from the SC will give us some info.
  6. Hello, This "thing" uses t3d. Scroll to the last image : https://github.com/ConfettiFX/The-Forge
  7. Hello. Could you add a option to auto enable and disable at some hour ?
  8. Hi. I like the idea. It will be a bit work intensive if you are new to t3d. When you are on the last steps, i can provide some eye candy shaders and light presets. But this should be on the last phase.
  9. Could you please do a weekly build of the t3d v4?
  10. Is this in the engine ? http://www.garagegames.com/community/forums/viewthread/133468
  11. We are alive and coding. :D
  12. The following video shows some of the new stuff in Houdini. Take a look. It might help in the development of Torque, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e6NvBt-Areg
  13. Yep this is torque. Nice animation.
  14. When i access the forum page i get this error : http://i.imgur.com/QDCgdJv.png
  15. Hello, Why did you when for CPU and not GPU compute? Will this feature be available in T3d?
  16. I understand. Thank you for clarification. Could you please add a small list of optimization or even a tutorial?
  17. Not really. Such things as reducing vertices count and reducing texture size might be correct, but they are basic knowledge or should be, if you don't know those you are pretty much lost to begin with. Some other tips cannot be applied or do not need to be applied for Torque etc. Even for basic advice such as vertices count the numbers are wrong for Torque, he says for example, keep vertices count as low as possible, like under 100 000, which is very low for a Torque game. My scenes have between 500 000 and 1 600 000 polygons on average, in vertices it is maybe half of that so 250 000 and 8
  18. The following video is for blender games but the lessons can be applied to torque as well.
  19. You are welcome. If you need more test just ask. From what i see in the pacific map, there are a lot of polys on the screen. I don't really know how the LOD system on the objects( forest the most ) is working, but i think that there should be less polys on the screen.
  20. GTX 1070. Rez 2560x1440 (4xAA, 16x AF) 16gb i7 3770k 4.4Ghz T3D3.9 in dx9 T3D3.10 RC in dx11 Testing the Pacific level. Test point 1: T3D3.9: 59FPS T3D3.10RC: 49FPS Test point 2: T3D3.9: 43FPS T3D3.10RC: 32FPS On the T3D3.10RC there is some type of frame skyping. Is like the gpu has no work to do for a few ms, and then start again. The map that is default in T3d Test point 1: T3D3.9: 117FPS T3D3.10RC: 98FPS Running T3D3.10RC: in dx9 mode made the game more smooth but the frame rate is the same. The game is much smoother.
  21. Chelaru

    Baked shadows

    Do you think this might help the engine? https://www.cryengine.com/community/viewtopic.php?f=355&t=129862 http://sassybot.com/blog/baked-soft-shadows-in-unity-5/
  22. This might be the most annoying questions ever: Do you know how to implement this ?
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