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  1. *Applause* @JeffR you deserve tons of kudos for being the only active SC member for a large part of this release. Cheers and great work! Looking forward to 3.9 :)
  2. Thanks for the report! Did you compile a 32-bit or 64-bit binary? CMake or Project Generator? I need to get myself some Windows 10 happening...
  3. @triggerfish I'll get you that info when I get home today!
  4. Thanks for doing that! Really appreciated. Mind if I make a wiki page for them?
  5. @triggerfish I looked, but I have no idea what to do about it :(. There are a couple of OpenGL related issues open at the moment; one of them might be related. Otherwise, it looks like your version should be supported :/ @Azaezel 3.8 is supposed to be the end of this month. It's tight but I'd like to push for that given how long 3.7 went over. Also Thomas convinced us to drop the .z releases, so we're powering straight ahead. I think at the end of the month we might just push back outstanding issues, do comprehensive testing, drop it and move on. As long as we have useful stuff in it.
  6. You know what we forgot to do in 3.7?
  7. I agree with @Chelaru, the current UI won't scale very well to having a ton of PFX. It's also just... not very nice. I think being able to pull UIs in from a list (into an 'active' list or something) might be better, rather than having to scroll through the big list and checking an activation box.
  8. PostEffect manager does need a redesign. If anyone feels like taking it on, feel free! Also see #944.
  9. Usually by using CMake to generate 64-bit VS solutions, not the project generator.
  10. @triggerfish I have, thanks for that. Not a lot of time right now but I'll try to find a moment to have a look!
  11. @NekoDemon117 thanks for that! I've started a new thread for performance and optimisation discussion.
  12. Let's start the discussion about how to best go about profiling and improving the engine's performance. Please use this thread to discuss the results of profiling data, methods of optimisation, benchmarking and profiling tools, and so on. [h1] Wiki page with resources[/h1] To get us started, I've uploaded the two community-submitted profiling runs we've had so far. I've put this thread in the 'general' section because it may enter into discussions about art asset optimisation and scripting as well, not just pure C++.
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