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  1. I agree, sound effects and music are very important in games. I added many sound effects in the demo and the game. Music even changes based on the mood of the situation. There is also ambient sound in the background. Lower the music and you'll hear it. Outside, it's a low rumble with lava sound effects, and inside the cave and hangars, there are cave and hangar ambient sounds. I put a lot of effort to add as many sound effects and music as possible. I will add the boost sound effect later. Voice actor is something that I've considered. There are AI voice actors on the web that I might use. You just type in the text and, based on the type of voice you selected, the text will be played back to you. And is also very cheap to go this route.
  2. Thanks for clarifying what you meant about the physics of the projectiles. I'll see how setting velInheritFactor to zero will affect the shooting and gameplay overall.
  3. Your feedback is greatly appreciated. The purpose of the demo is to gather information on how to make the game more fun for experienced and not so experienced gamers alike. I'm trying to make the gameplay unique to my game, while also listening what others are suggesting. So, I'll see if modifying anything about how projectiles work at the moment is something that I want to do in the final game, as I have no problem aiming and hitting a target. Maybe I just don't understand what you're suggesting. A short video may help me see how you shoot at enemies. The demo mission was supposed to be the tutorial mission. A new tutorial mission will be added to the final version of the game, or maybe sooner. From the feedback I've received, I now know that there should have been a much easier mission used as a tutorial on how to play the game. After working for so many years on the game, for me, the demo mission is not that difficult to complete; so, I thought that would be the case for everyone else. I was actually worried that it might be too easy and people would find it too boring. All the settings are set to default. I will do some minor adjustments though, such as an automatic Autodetect quality operation when the game is played for the first time. Other info, such as finding how the controls work, is a matter of just navigating the options menu. CTRL+W,A,D for forward, left, and right dodge roll. There's very minimal damage when rolling and hitting a wall or obstacle, like 0.3%. It's not noticeable on the health meter, unless you keep hitting walls while rolling. But the on-screen damage indicator will let the client know that there's been damage applied. Vaulting works by moving the player very close to an obstacle and then press the Space bar. There are no objects in the demo mission you can vault over. They are in the other missions of the game. The capture points are energy powered beacons/antennas used as control points for nearby teleports. The color of the beacon indicates which faction is allowed to come through those teleports. So, the enemies will keep coming through until the beacon is captured. I will probably have to make enemies drop more ammo or health when they die. Weapon melee is already implemented and is in the demo. Just implemented the knife melee as well (not in the demo or the current version of the game.) When it comes to camera views, every client has his/her preference. That's why I added every possible camera view I could think of. I like the third person camera view as default. If you like first person, just press TAB and all the mouse controls now apply to first person only.
  4. I've heard it from other people, as well, that playing it through the first time was quite difficult. It gets easier once you play it through the second or third time and know what to do. There is even a star awarded to the player (bronze, silver, gold), if the player finishes the mission quickly and saves most of his AI teammates. The TAB key is for first person view. Right mouse button for iron sights. Z for zoom. Vaulting is meant for jumping over obstacles, not jumping. Dodge roll is meant to cause very small damage if you hit walls, obstacles, or you trip. Just like in real life. I use the rocket launcher to clear areas of multiple enemies. I hide, crouch, and roll to avoid being hit by the enemies. The controls for the vehicles and player can be seen in Options->Input->Show. At the moment, only mouse and keyboard is fully supported. Gamepad is only partially supported (not recommended.) Great feedback. Thanks very much for playing it all the way to the end.
  5. I read that. I understand that it exists; however, you are using Windows 7, and I don't think that the directory structure is found by getUserHomeDirectory(); or if it does, it's different than Windows 10. I've only tested it with Win 10. The game is looking for the client set preferences to start. That's why the sudden exit. The zip file I linked above should work. Sorry if I wasn't clear about what I meant.
  6. I think it's crashing because it's looking for clientPrefs.cs. I only tested it on Windows 10. I added a zipped version to the download section where it uses the traditional prefs.cs. You can download it from here.
  7. So, you install the game, you run the Visitors Demo.exe from the Desktop and it crashes right away, or what exactly is happening? Is it crashing right away, or not starting at all? Can you at least see a small splash screen right when you start the executable? What Windows and are you using? Is it 64 bit? Maybe try re-installing? Sorry you're having trouble.
  8. Yes. It's trying to find clientPrefs.cs in ./Documents/Visitors Demo/preferences/ That's the folder structure that game is looking for. If it's not there, create it and it will work. Let me know how it goes.
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