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  1. Good progress on your scripting skills and understanding of the engine! :)
  2. Jason, were you able to find out what was causing the unnecessary memory increase with your project?
  3. Hi Jason, I'm stopping the mission, then I start the mission again. I don't exit the engine.
  4. Hello everyone, I'm having a dilemma that's halting my game's development. I've been trying to figure out why every time I play the same level the memory increases by 30 to 50 MB. When I first play the level, the memory in the Task Manager is at 1.27 GB. After I play the level fully, the memory is at 1.47 GB. Second time I start the level, the memory starts at 1.47 GB and ends at 1.52 GB. Third time, starts at 1.52 GB and ends at 1.57 GB. Fourth time, memory starts 1.57 GB and can't finish the level because it crashes at around 1.6 GB of memory used. I've tried using the memory leak
  5. Like I mentioned above, the problem is fixed. Thanks to OTHG_Mars on Discord, the link I posted above points to a fix to this issue. Thanks again.
  6. From what I've gathered, SFXSpace is the sound space around the client's camera (i.e. the ears.)
  7. Thanks for the suggestion, Duion. I tried that, but it seems the problem is related to this: http://www.garagegames.com/community/forums/viewthread/129864
  8. Hello, I have a crash in: bool SFX3DObject::containsPoint( const F32 point[ 3 ] ) const { return mObject->containsPoint( ( reinterpret_cast< const Point3F >( &point[ 0 ] ) ) ); } in T3D\sfx\sfx3DWorld.cpp. mObject seems to be the culprit. I have several missions, and this crash only happens with one of the missions. What's strange is that the crash does not happen when I disconnect from the said mission and destroy the server, but when I enter another mission. I thought that it might be the amount of objects in the level, but I have levels twice as big with no crash.
  9. "It is an older script, but it checks out" - couldn't agree more. :mrgreen:
  10. LoLJester


    Damik, congratulations on release!
  11. Is PureLight available for free? Has it been open-sourced?
  12. @Dwarf King: So, what did you find out?
  13. Problem seems to be with GetOpenFileName(&ofn); in FileDialog::Execute(). It works when I place a Breakpoint next to GetOpenFileName(&ofn) in Debug mode, but freezes T3D in Release mode.
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