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  1. Thanks for the link. If what you say is true about Steam sales, that's worrying. It's not a release yet. It's going into Early Access first on June 28th.
  2. Great news! After many years of development, the game will finally be available on Steam, on July 22nd, 2021 in Early Access! You can now wishlist it on Steam here! More info, images and videos on visitorsthegame.com and on the Forums. Join on Discord https://discord.gg/7wP8GSkK, follow on twitter @lo_Jester and on facebook here. Thank you for wish-listing and purchasing the game in advance!
  3. Good progress on your scripting skills and understanding of the engine! :)
  4. Good to see progress, Steve. I like the environment. It looks vibrant.
  5. For anyone stumbling upon the "[MaterialList::mapMaterials] Unable to find material for texture:" warning, you should know that, to avoid this warning, there must be a material created that is mapped to the name of the texture that the warning is displaying. So, if you have for example: new TerrainMaterial() { internalName = "TerMaterialA"; diffuseMap = "art/Textures/myTexture"; }; The corresponding material shall be: new Material(myTexture_Mat) { mapTo = "myTexture"; };
  6. Jason, were you able to find out what was causing the unnecessary memory increase with your project?
  7. Hi Jason, I'm stopping the mission, then I start the mission again. I don't exit the engine.
  8. Hello everyone, I'm having a dilemma that's halting my game's development. I've been trying to figure out why every time I play the same level the memory increases by 30 to 50 MB. When I first play the level, the memory in the Task Manager is at 1.27 GB. After I play the level fully, the memory is at 1.47 GB. Second time I start the level, the memory starts at 1.47 GB and ends at 1.52 GB. Third time, starts at 1.52 GB and ends at 1.57 GB. Fourth time, memory starts 1.57 GB and can't finish the level because it crashes at around 1.6 GB of memory used. I've tried using the memory leak testing tools: FlagCurrentAllocs(); DumpUnflaggedAllocs("./dump0.txt"); WriteLeaks(); There are apparently no leaks, unless I'm doing the testing wrong. I'm using T3d 1.2. Any leads would be greatly appreciated.
  9. You're right Duion, DAE is most of the time the way to go. But, sometimes there are features that only work with DTS. That's the only time I export to DTS.
  10. Sometimes shapes added to the scene as TSStatic with 'Visible Mesh' selected as collision will cause a crash. ms3d is Milkshape 3D. It has a very good DTS exporter (probably the best.)
  11. Like I mentioned above, the problem is fixed. Thanks to OTHG_Mars on Discord, the link I posted above points to a fix to this issue. Thanks again.
  12. I would start by making sure that all shapes have a simple collision box. If no crash, then you know that the collisions are the culprit. Also, I believe that all LODs have to be named the same to work correctly (i.e: mesh 100; mesh 0;)
  13. From what I've gathered, SFXSpace is the sound space around the client's camera (i.e. the ears.)
  14. Thanks for the suggestion, Duion. I tried that, but it seems the problem is related to this: http://www.garagegames.com/community/forums/viewthread/129864
  15. Hello, I have a crash in: bool SFX3DObject::containsPoint( const F32 point[ 3 ] ) const { return mObject->containsPoint( ( reinterpret_cast< const Point3F >( &point[ 0 ] ) ) ); } in T3D\sfx\sfx3DWorld.cpp. mObject seems to be the culprit. I have several missions, and this crash only happens with one of the missions. What's strange is that the crash does not happen when I disconnect from the said mission and destroy the server, but when I enter another mission. I thought that it might be the amount of objects in the level, but I have levels twice as big with no crash. And it doesn't seem to be one thing, because if I remove more than half of the objects from the level, there is no crash. mObject is part of Vector< Scope > mScopeStack; //A top-down ordering of all objects that are currently in scope. All scene objects that get into the camera's scope are added to mScopeStack in _onScopeIn(). Looking at mObject when exiting other levels, mObject contains a list of scene objects currently in scope/view. When I exit this specific level, mObject still contains a lot of the scene objects currently in view except the top value of the stack seems to be empty, hence the crash. Any thoughts?
  16. Hi, marauder2k9. It's a TSStatic shape, so it has no datablock. Azaezel, OTHG_Mars, and MangoFusion have also helped me to get it to work except the part where the rendered gui on texture disappears when I resize the window. I'm doing some debugging right now. I've been in contact with those guys Discord.
  17. I'm trying to map GUIs onto meshes. I came upon this resource: https://forums.torque3d.org/viewtopic.php?f=26&t=1276 Anyone familiar with the guiOffscreenCanvas code? I successfully ported the guiOffscreenCanvas.h and guiOffscreenCanvas.cpp files to Torque3D 1.2 What other files are affected by this class? How does the guiOffscreenCanvas get mapped onto a mesh and where is the code that does that? The original resource http://www.garagegames.com/community/resource/view/10899 does the mapping in void ProcessedMaterial::_setStageData(){...}; but, that doesn't seem to be the case with guiOffscreenCanvas in the most recent T3D code. Anyone's help would be much appreciated.
  18. Thanks for the update, JeffR.
  19. @Bloodknight: It doesn't come across like that. But if it was meant as you say, my apologies. @Azaezel: Thank you.
  20. That's quite the disrespectful answer Bloodknight. You should not represent this engine in any way or form with this kind of attitude.
  21. "It is an older script, but it checks out" - couldn't agree more. :mrgreen:
  22. Has the adventure kit been open sourced?
  23. http://visitorsthegame.com/images/InGamePictures/DesertDam.png http://visitorsthegame.com/images/InGamePictures/FieryVolcano2.png More images on my website
  24. Great resource and video. Thanks for sharing.
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