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  1. I would change it and see if the same error persists. What's the error that you get?
  2. Although, I don't know about this resource, yes, I think you could do that too. But, if rotation is a vector of type VectorF/Point3F, then you would have to pass each value of the vector (rotation.x, rotation.y, rotation.z) individually as a float.
  3. LoLJester


    Damik, congratulations on release!
  4. Hi, Double click on the error and post the line of code that the Debugger will highlight. I have a feeling that there is a syntax error on how a variable in the engineTypes.h file is declared; or, it could be that there is a missing } somewhere.
  5. LoLJester


    I don't recommend this software for exporting to DTS. Even the author admits that its DTS exporter is very rudimentary. It only supports one level of detail and some exported characters will make Torque crash. For DTS I recommend Milkshape and its DTSPlus exporter. The DAE exporter is quite good for staic shapes, but has its flaws when it comes to exporting animated characters to T3D.
  6. @NeonTiger: Sounds plausible. I'll check it out. Thanks.
  7. Same problem with getMuzzlePoint/Vector; only difference is a smoother rendering with getRenderMuzzlePoint/Vector. firstPerson, useEyeNode, and animateOnServer are all set to true.
  8. Is PureLight available for free? Has it been open-sourced?
  9. Exactly the same problem in third person view as well.
  10. How do you mean? The weapon pack seems to work fine. The muzzle node is placed properly as you can see with the blue line.
  11. Despite all the views... nobody else?
  12. They are the same vector. Imagine the lines are like raycasts, but only the red line (Server) can detect and call the onCollision function in script: see how the red line is bent downwards and does not collide where the blue line does? Has anybody else had this problem and may have a fix?
  13. Thanks Duion, but the correctMuzzleVector(s) for first and third person work fine. The problem originates somewhere deeper than that.There seems to be a muzzleNode position packUpdate/unpackUpdate discrepancy somewhere in the Player class or one of the parent classes. I first thought that the nodes don't get animated on the server, but they do. The image I posted shows exactly what I mean. On the Server (the Red line), the muzzleNode position is lower from the Client (the blue line) by somewhere around 0.1f for some reason. Any other ideas why?
  14. What you're seeing is a blue line, drawn from the muzzlePoint (getRenderMuzzlePoint ) along a Vector (getRenderMuzzleVector) called on the Client, and a red line - same as the blue line - but called on the Server: //--------------------------------------------------------------- void LaserBeam::ProcessTick(const Move *move) { ... _drawDebug(); ... } //-------------------------------------------- void LaserBeam::renderObject(...) { _drawDebug(); } //----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- void LaserBeam::_drawDebug() { ... VectorF _muzzleVec; Point3F _muzzlePoint, _endPosition ; mSourceObject->getRenderMuzzleVector(mSourceObjectSlot, &_muzzleVec); mSourceObject->getRenderMuzzlePoint(mSourceObjectSlot, &_muzzlePoint); _endPosition = _muzzleVec* 50; _endPosition += _muzzlePoint; ColorF clientCol (0, 0, 1); //On Client: Draw line in Blue. if(isServerObject()) clientCol.set(1, 0, 0); //On Server: Draw line in Red. DebugDrawer::get()->drawLine(_muzzlePoint, _endPosition, clientCol); DebugDrawer::get()->setLastTTL(TickMs); .... }
  15. The values returned from the muzzle of a gun are different between Server and Client - see picture: Anybody know why that is?
  16. Looks very promising. Keep up the good work!
  17. Thanks Atomic Walrus; but, if you read above, that was not the problem. The problem seems to come from how the model is exported. It is CRUCIAL that the DAE or DTS exporter of the modeling program you use is FULLY compatible with the version of T3D you're using. I'm using Unwrap3D to export most of my models, but it is not 100% compatible with T3D. Instead, I used Milkshape3D's DTS Exporter Plus to export the models with HitBoxes. It works quite well, but not perfectly.
  18. Animation triggers. You can assign triggers in the ShapeEditor. When the animation hits that trigger, a call to script is made. There you can decide whether you want that sound to be heard or not. There is a resource on GG's website that expands on this feature.
  19. @Azaezel: Were you able to get some information from your artist on how he set-up that character? What software did he export the model from and in what format? Is there a specific set-up that the model has to have? I believe the problem stems from how the character is exported to T3D. By the way, I'm using T3D 1.2, but I don't think that should matter.
  20. Ok. I'll see which, or if, any of those issues you point out are the culprits here.
  21. @Azaezel: Sorry for the delayed response. What is your question exactly? I use Unwrap3D to setup my characters and not Blender.
  22. The resource works; but, the castRayEA function in C++ only hits when the hitbox is not attached to a bone; it doesn't matter whether the hitbox is visible or not - I've tried them both. And this is for all meshes, not just for one or two.
  23. That's what we're trying to figure out. It's not working for me.
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