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  1. It is already open sourced. See the links provided. This is not my resource. It's a resource I'm using from GarageGames website. Also, the second link is a port to T3D MIT.
  2. Am I to understand that there are plans to remove TorqueScript from future T3D releases? If so... please don't. For my current project I've used a lot of scripts and I'm planning to eventually upgrade it to a stable future 4.x release.
  3. @Happenstance: How do you mean? The function requires a detail level. Zero (0) for visible meshes and one (1) for the collision and hitbox meshes. @Azaezel: Yes I did that. The hitbox convex shape is there and gets animated... it is just not hit by the rayCast. If I detach the same hitbox shape from the bone, the rayCastEA hits. @Duion: To whom is that question directed to?
  4. Hello, I need help with this resource on GG's website: http://www.garagegames.com/community/resource/view/6538/ and the ported one on GitHub: https://github.com/Azaezel/Torque3D/tree/player_hitboxes_rev2 Only problem that I have with this resource is that, although the hitbox is recognized on preload, the rayCast won't hit (during runtime) a shape exported to COLLADA that has a "-1" (or any) level of detail mesh attached to an animated bone. My hitbox is named HBa-1 and weighed to an animated head bone. I chose the "-1" level of detail so that the hitbox remains invisible during the game. I know about the stock hitbox feature that uses the shape's divided bounding box as hitboxes, but it is not useful for big enemies that have one or two small vulnerable spots. I use Unwrap3D to export to DAE or DTS.
  5. Looks promising. Best of luck!
  6. I've been with Torque since TGE 1.3 or 1.4, I can't remember, that's how long. :)
  7. Thank you irei1as, I will see how this works.
  8. Thank you Bloodknight, but will these shaders work with T3D, or do they need to be modified to a certain extent? I already have a refraction shader, but I get a black image, instead. Apparently, shaders have to be done differently in deferred type of rendering.
  9. I'm already using the transparency effect, and it looks quite good, but it is not exactly what I want. I liked how TGEA did it. It's a bit disappointing that T3D cannot do it by default. Anybody done a refraction shader?
  10. Hi Duion, I'm already using that. What I want is that the cloaking mantle to be refractive, something like the cloaking used in the movie Predator.
  11. Anybody's been able to create refraction per object, or any ideas how to do this? I'm trying to incorporate cloaking in my game.
  12. Aha! https://github.com/GarageGames/Torque3D/pull/1542 fixes the problem! Thank you guys!
  13. Hi Johxz, Where am I supposed to paint? Because it doesn't work from within the Editor. And what am I supposed to paint, the baseTexture?
  14. I don't think it's the size of the terrains. The size of the terrains in the pics are 2048x2048. They are just two terrains placed next to one another. I tried it with lower res, such as 512x512, and same problem. I think that it has something to do with the extra polys that are added at the edge of the terrains as shown in the third image.
  15. Ok, same problems in T3D 3.9.
  16. Here's a better illustration of what I'm talking about:
  17. I'm using L3DT's mosaic feature to export very large terrains to T3D 1.2. Terrain looks good in L3DT but not in T3D. There are seams to where the terrains join. I read that at the edges of the terrain extra polys are added to prevent the player from falling off the map and are the cause of these artifacts. The polys are not visible, but can be detected when a terrain brush is placed on those edges. Is this right and is this fixed in the latest release of T3D; and if so, can anybody please point me in the right direction?
  18. @Dwarf King: So, what did you find out?
  19. Problem seems to be with GetOpenFileName(&ofn); in FileDialog::Execute(). It works when I place a Breakpoint next to GetOpenFileName(&ofn) in Debug mode, but freezes T3D in Release mode.
  20. @JeffR: I know what you meant and that's what I did. Same problems with a fresh copy of T3D 3.8. @rlranft: I'll try that.
  21. Tested it with T3D 3.8, as well. Same problem.
  22. The thing is that my whole game is based on T3D 1.2. I can't switch right now. I'm quite sure it has something to do with Win 10's Explorer and T3D live update. Explorer would sometimes open right away, 20 to 30 minutes later, or not at all. Has anybody else had the same problem?
  23. T3D Editor freezes whenever I press on the Browse button in the ShapeEditor's Mounting tab, the "add new sequence" button in the Seq tab, the Browse button in the create new Terrain dialog, etc. It's been like that since I installed Windows 10. I'm using T3D 1.2. Anybody knows how to fix this problem?
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