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  1. Well it was an interesting PAX-DEV this year ... but the dead state postmortem wasn't exactly one of the highlights. First, they mentioned that the team originally only had (5) members ... but suggested that of the (5) people at PAX-DEV only (2) were from the original "cast" from before the kick starter campaign. Rather, they added (3) new team members - none of which had prior game dev experience and (especially) no experience with Torque, Torque 3D or Torque Script. No mention of what happened to the original team ... only that they hired some fresh new talent. Which they admitted a
  2. I'm getting excited for my annual PAX "vacation" ... starting with 2 days at PAX-DEV followed by 4 days of PAX-Prime, here in Seattle. Why do I mention this? Well, just noticed that DEAD STATE is doing a postmortem on Thursday: http://dev.paxsite.com/schedule/panel/shambling-into-the-light-dead-state-postmortem It's a Zombie RPG with isometric view, based of the Torque 3D engine. Besides "Blockland", this is only the 2nd time "Torque" has come up at PAX. (at least, to best of my knowledge) ... And this is the engine that got me into Game Development, so excited to see it shi
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