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  1. Id like to recommend Torque3D but... Xenko Game Engine.
  2. I ran in to the same problem trying to animate the Torque dummy. As Duion said the bones need to be aligned with the mesh, also the first frame of every animation needs to be in the base pose (or T pose in most cases), then you have to adjust the animation length in the animations tools inside Torque.
  3. Is the model actually working? or you want someone to import it to Torque? I took a look at the model and aside for no having a face rig (not really necessary) I don't see any problem with it.
  4. So... What that has to do with Torque?
  5. I don't want to start this kind of discursion on this tread but I'll jus say this. Importing from Blender (the ONLY tool you can use for free if you want to do decent models) equals to at least tree days of research, and still not quite right. No multiple UV's supported. Bugged animation tools. Making LOD's manually is a pain in the ass for today standards. If you want to lightmap don't even bother on using the editor for making your level since you have to lightmap in external tools. Sketch tool is completely useless as it stands. Good luck on making animated materials without coding skills. And the list goes on and on... So believe me wen I say IT IS A NIGHTMARE.
  6. Heh! Welcome to my life :? This engine is a nightmare for artists, don't get me wrong I love it, but still a nightmare thought.
  7. Janders

    Torque Dummy

    I'm happy to see dummy is useful! I took a look at the .blend and it seems the bone distribution differs in some aspects (nothing serious) but the animation itself is a loss, I'll explain myself. First, the .dsq format is read only and I'm unable to import the animations to Blender. And second, probably all the animations are backed, and that's a real issue. When an animation is being exported to Torque (at least from Blender) gets backed, meaning, it loses all its keyframes. Editing an animation that has lost its keyframes is hard as fuck, and time consuming. In majority of cases its easier and faster to just redo the entire animation.
  8. Janders

    Torque Dummy

    Sure it is, you can modify it the way you want since you have the source files. Hell you can even export it to other engines if you want! That's how easy it is.
  9. Janders

    Torque Dummy

    I'm not sure if I get the idea but I'll try to answer. This dummy was made from scratch, an it has a custom made armature too, so basically is incompatible with any previous animations. If you want to do new animations or use the ones you already made, I recommend to you to use the .blend file it comes with the package since it has the rigged model ready to use, I'm sure there are tutorials on how to animate and adapt animations in blender, or export the model to 3ds Max form blender if you feel more comfortable in 3ds Max. Regarding the import and export problem of the .dae file, I can't help you, I have no idea what the problem could be, sorry. But as I said earlier just use the .blend file.
  10. I didn't made the model, it's from a game called The Witcher 3. I was in need for a model with hair and I used this one (totally not illegal stuff :o ).
  11. Short answer, not, it cannot. Multi-UV tiles with texture blending are not supported in Torque3D. Not even multiple UV's per object, neither node material editor. Sadly Torque3D is in prehistoric ages in that regard.
  12. Thanks, I've already figured it out. I can export animations with both, the default Blender exporter (animation length get reduced to half, dunno why) and with the Better export collada exporter addon (perfect export so far). I'm considering doing a tutorial on how to export animations from Blender, seems a common problem around here.
  13. Janders

    Torque Dummy

    Hey there! I've finally finished the model so I'm sharing it here to everyone who wants to use it. Sadly it has no animations yet (collada exporter problems) but I've included the rigged .blend file if someone wants to dig in. http://oi67.tinypic.com/280085h.jpg http://oi66.tinypic.com/5b1pp1.jpg http://oi64.tinypic.com/2zsp6w1.jpg Download
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