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  1. Id like to recommend Torque3D but... Xenko Game Engine.
  2. So... What that has to do with Torque?
  3. I don't want to start this kind of discursion on this tread but I'll jus say this. Importing from Blender (the ONLY tool you can use for free if you want to do decent models) equals to at least tree days of research, and still not quite right. No multiple UV's supported. Bugged animation tools. Making LOD's manually is a pain in the ass for today standards. If you want to lightmap don't even bother on using the editor for making your level since you have to lightmap in external tools. Sketch tool is completely useless as it stands. Good luck on making animated materials without coding
  4. Heh! Welcome to my life :? This engine is a nightmare for artists, don't get me wrong I love it, but still a nightmare thought.
  5. The project manager works, it's the actual Torque3D.exe that doesn't. I try to open the program but as usual absolutely nothing. I tried to run it as administrator and with compatibility mode but that also doesn't worked.
  6. Hi there! I'm using the precompiled version of torque 3.8 from the download wiki. And it doesn't work since the last update of w10, it doesn't even show a crash error or something, just nothing. Is anybody besides me is having problems to run torque on w10? I tried to reinstall the directx sdk and the visual c++ redistributable but still no luck. :?
  7. @JeffR I'm a pessimist in those matters so, I hope you're right.
  8. A store like Unreal wen art packs and simple blueprints are sold it's good. But I fear that will not happen here, this is an open source project, sustained by the good will of it's contributors, put money in to the equation and you can guess what will happen. People will charge for all their stuff and stop contributing to the main repo, it's just 2+2, why i should do something for free wen i can earn money with it? So yeah, i think i made my point. :?
  9. The link to your site doesn't work. I googled you and I found this; Indie DB. Is this updated? Some videos or more information?
  10. A quick update. :P This is how it's going the hi-poly model. http://oi59.tinypic.com/28at6h5.jpg I was thinking about opening a tread in the resources section, for future updates.
  11. Yeah something like that is what I was thinking. But more cool (hope so :lol: ). EDIT: I drew a quick concept. http://oi61.tinypic.com/1zwewqa.jpg
  12. OK, it's outdated and it's embarrassing but i have some old test you may like. In my defense I'll say this is wen I'd just finished my studies, unfortunately life kicked in... and I was forced to put 3D on standby. Now finally I have some free time. I'm pretty confident with my Photoshop/GIMP skills here some old works. http://proyectojan.blogspot.com.es/2011/03/photoshopeando.html Well I hope you liked it. Also, for starters I was thinking about start making a more neutral default character, something like the default UE third person character. As I said I'm still a beg
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