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  1. Yes much simpler but also potentially incorrect as you are not taking into account the block size.
  2. @Duion do correct me if i am wrong, but the only link i can find to discord is within these actual forums. There is no link that i noticed to discord on the landing page for this community (torque3d.org), there is only a link to the forums (via Community->Forums). Than once you reach the forums, yes there is a link to discord but i don't see how you could say that is the only way to communicate, the link certainly doesn't say anything like that & obviously here i am (and others) replying to you right now in these very forums (not that i am a steering committee member anyway). As i menti
  3. It is just not sinking in duion, no one is forcing you to use discord, just look at how many replies and views your ranting threads have received, discord is just another option people have to discuss things related to t3d, there is no mandatory requirement to use it. I have said this multiple times already, if you don't want to use discord that is fine, just don't sit there and tell the rest of community what software we are allowed to use because of your own ideological (yet hypocritical) views.
  4. That argument can be used for discord more than matrix, matrix uses many different clients and supports inter protocol communication, i have seen matrix, irc, discord and slack all in one channel. I used discord and in the past and i had a bad experience with it, so i ditched it and there are no alternative clients so youre stuck with it. With matrix<->discord bridging support anyone who wants can keep using discord if they like. Using a silly argument as "keep you and Richard Stallman happy" in a opensource game engine is like going to a denim and leather bar and complaining abou
  5. Popularity is not an argument, you can just brainwash people to like something, if you have enough of money and experts on marketing, Discord is just a scam. Give away stuff for free invest into lots of marketing, get lots of people using it and then raise the prices and sell them stuff and while doing that data mine them and sell that as well. Also the IRC channel was never really advertised anywhere, it took me some time to find out about it, but the Discord is advertised on the forum front page, nobody ever cared to do that with IRC. Well go create an IRC channel, knock ya self out. A
  6. So you expect everyone that uses discord to just stop using it and switch over to another application just to keep you and Richard Stallman happy? Don't come on here and tell me or anyone else what application we can and cannot use, the sense of entitlement is bloody ridiculous. The IRC server was online for years, yet never had a large amount of users in there, funny enough a discord channel was created and hey presto it is a hive of activity.
  7. Timmy

    I am discouraged

    As others have eluded to, try and stay away from creating the next 'big game', it is just not a realistic goal. That doesn't mean you can't get stuck in and make an awesome and fun game, just keep your expectations under control. As inspiration, the best example you will ever come across is minecraft, it is the highest selling PC game and second highest selling game of all time, all created by one person. Just keep it simple, keep it realistic and have fun, the second it becomes a chore it is game over ;)
  8. tbh there is most likely not enough changes going in to warrant a weekly update. Most of the 'cool stuff' is likely going to be committed in larger batches which won't happen weekly.
  9. Timmy


    Oh yes i can't even read anymore :mrgreen: . Yeah torsion is windows only, it uses wxwidgets, so as you mentioned now it is MIT it would be possible to make it work in for linux or even macOS, i haven't been over the code base for it so no idea how how much work it would take
  10. Timmy


    The engine definitely compiles on linux, i can compile a binary for linux mint 18.3 for you if you like? This page should still be fairly accurate http://wiki.torque3d.org/coder:compiling-in-linux . I regularly test the linux build with both gcc & clang.
  11. Oh that specular bug has come about because of the upcoming pbr stuff, spec maps are out and that texture slot is replaced with a material info texture that is made up of metalness,roughness & ao so it's not a color texture like the old specular maps. That is how that one snuck in ;) As ya can see more often that not the code does pick up bugs in either c++ or script side material definitions, maybe it would be better if the code was wrapped in a TORQUE_CHECK_TEXTURE_PROFILES macro (or some name like this) and you just compile it in every now and than to check.
  12. The ryder and turret is because this is incorrect https://github.com/GarageGames/Torque3D/blob/development/Engine/source/materials/processedMaterial.cpp#L459 , it should be using GFXStaticTextureSRGBProfile. Somewhere in the GUI code will be using a profile that is slightly different that is causing the other ones.
  13. Oh i wrote that for az to show when a cached texture was getting reloaded again, tbh it wasn't really intended for the main repo but i didn't make that part very clear when i was helping him and well now it's in the main repo :mrgreen: , i more meant it as just a local diagnostic tool . Long story short, they had a case were an artist accidentally placed a composite texture as a diffuse texture in another material, so the same texture was getting loaded with different texture profiles and causing it to be constantly reloaded, the materials in question were used ALOT and actually caused the sy
  14. UWP, android and iOS is something that we would all love to see supported with T3D, it basically comes down to the man power thing. It's certainly on the radar but at the moment there are just more pressing matters that we are working on. All the above mentioned ports could make use of SDL for platform code and the UWP port could use the D3D11 gfx device (with some mods), android and iOS would need a modified OpenGL gfx device to suit OpenGL ES on those platforms. It would be sweet to have a proper metal gfx device for macOS and iOS and also a vulkan gfx for win/linux/android, again it's j
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