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  1. These are the blog forum posts, so it's best to post question here: https://forums.torque3d.org/viewforum.php?f=1 This is a direct link to Visual Studio 2019 Community (free version) https://visualstudio.microsoft.com/thank-you-downloading-visual-studio/?sku=Community&rel=16 Or if you need an older version go here: https://visualstudio.microsoft.com/vs/older-downloads/ There's no other way to get it. If the pages won't work you might need to use VPN in your country: https://www.tunnelbear.com/download
  2. There are some resources to be found how to do art, scripting and all on these forums; that keep you occupied for some time. Try these old tutorials on youtube (if that works in Cuba).... The latest stable version is 3.10 go here and download a compiled version; for windows right? https://github.com/GarageGames/Torque3D/releases/download/3.10/Torque3D-310-WinBinaries.zip 117MB zip file, that may take some time in your country If you're truly all new to game engines, editors and all I strongly advise you to try Godot as well. It has a bright future and a quite active community to help you out. It's also free and open source https://godotengine.org/ Good luck!
  3. Solution works fine for me. Thanks Az Advised to add a fullscreen toggle when the canvas is full screen, for practical reasons
  4. Awesome, thanks @LukasPJ I see a future there... Let's start build websites with Torquescript instead of PHP :P
  5. If you want you can experiment with changing the shape size & height of the basic clouds layer. In /Engine/source/environment/basicClouds.cpp change/comment out: Point3F vertScale( 16.0f, 16.0f, mHeight[i] ); to Point3F vertScale( 128.0f, 128.0f, mHeight[i] ); // custom mesh size and F32 zOffset = -( mCos( mSqrt( 1.0f ) ) + 0.01f ); to F32 zOffset = 2.8f; // custom height offset Play a bit with the zOffset value to get a satisfying result
  6. Keep up the good work!
  7. Thank you for sharing @noemen ! It's so much less distracting than Substance Painter
  8. I posted this comment because the current site is all indexed and ranked by Google. Big chunk of new visitors will eventually see that page when wanting to know what the engine can do. Showing outdated info is never good; regardless what personal opinions are of long-time T3D users, who never read it in the 1st place. Surely you could start a new project, but takes time and free time; which is a rare commodity if you ask me Why not updating the current one and work on a new page in the meanwhile. Popping up a Wordpress page or 2 is peanuts, but before we agree on something a year will have passed and so version 4.0 onto the next.
  9. Maybe it's about time the front page is updated, especially the "features" page: http://torque3d.org/engine/#features And perhaps a feature list pinned on the top in the forums. The outside world seems to still think about the T3D of 2012, I believe...
  10. Hi Jason, the development of DeadlyMatter was halted because of a lack of funding and personal serious health issues not long after a failed crowdfunding campaign. Further did dramatic life changes result in no longer standing behind certain concepts and game mechanics. I am developing currently something with the same old engine, but on a slow pace. But I don't want to hijack your thread here; so let's keep us updated with some more screenshots from your project :D
  11. Not so sir @Steve_Yorkshire, I have been tamed; utterly tamed
  12. Looking good. Good luck with your project!
  13. Sorry, I have been "away" too long, still catching up with the loads of new & replaced code. The global for gamma has been there a long time, true. What I meant are these: $pref::Video::Brightness $pref::Video::ContrastProbably totally not related though, but I would try to tinker with those anyway ;-)
  14. Behind on the T3D version (not sure if this is 3.9 compatible) but some time ago removed some banding with the following change: in /game/core/scripts/client/defaults.cs replace $pref::PostEffect::PreferedHDRFormat = "GFXFormatR8G8B8A8";with $pref::PostEffect::PreferedHDRFormat = "GFXFormatR16G16B16A16F";and regenerate your prefs That's with HDR of course, so if you have it on then it's worth a try
  15. Thanks for sharing @Duion
  16. Nils

    "Deathball Desert"

    Like Duion said, the smoothing brush is your friend there, or cover it up with foliage or stones etc. Combine your terrain with 3d shapes with similar materials as your terrain to blend in (cliffs, large rocks etc.)
  17. If you have a recent NVIDIA GPU then simply use Shadowplay for recording. There's much less performance drop with that. @Duion The differences shots look worrisome. Even the normal maps seem to be completely off. Are $pref::Video::Contrast, $pref::Video::Brightness and $pref::Video::Gamma properly set? (those are implemented with 3.9, right?) May I ask what difference in performance you see between 3.8 and 3.9?
  18. That's cool @Johxz ! Let me wrap up the indiegogo campaign and contact you later this week :)
  19. 9 days left! http://www.deadlymatter.com/external/GreenLightPage/DM_9_Days_Twitter.jpg
  20. Cool, thanks for the replies guys! It's a bit of a mix I think; partly it's the lack of budget for marketing... it's common for a successful campaign to use 10k on advertising. As for social marketing; it's what the name says... it needs human interaction or it doesn't work. There were a lot of bumps on the road since the start; including spending a lot of time in the hospital, a hardware crash taking 2 HDD's at once (including local backups), people leaving the team, passing away of the mother of our artist who just started... etc. etc. These events let us miss our chances like with youtubers that are waiting for a preview release for example. There are also good things; like mostly positive responses, interaction rates of 8% on facebook ads (DM seems hot in Brazil :lol: ), truly helpful people, the people who already backed this project, new team members and my wife who still shows a lot of patience (but pushes to find a real job sometimes). A lot of things can happen in 2 weeks, and we're getting back on track, so this campaign is far from over 8-) PS. Were looking for new team members: http://forums.torque3d.org/viewtopic.php?f=36&t=742
  21. T3D is a wonderful engine with a lot of possibilities. DeadlyMatter as a game has evolved well running on it; though a huge amount of work on the engine to keep up with the modern day standards also cost a lot of precious time which would else could be used for the game it self. But on the other hand can deep changes be made to serve the game; which most other engines do have these possibilities. DeadlyMatter is a game; it's not a game engine and it's not sold as a game engine. As a developer we need to do everything to make the game the best product for the players as possible. If that would involve migrating it to another engine then it would be a way to go. I have been using Torque my self since 2005, so surely it would be a hard decision, believe me! Of course time, money and expertise are crucial in the decision as well. We stated that we would look at the possibilities of migrating when we reach the funding campaign goal of 100k. At this time it's becoming less likely to reach that goal, as there only 2 weeks left. Not reaching the goal means it will keep on running on the current engine. Yes, there's chosen for flexible funding because even if we don't reach the goal of 100k, the game can be developed. However when the funding is too low we are going to refund all the backers and put the development on hold (and most probably continue as a hobby project) Thanks for the support and greetings from Shanghai! Cheers, Nils
  22. Looking for collaborators to join the DeadlyMatter project! - Lead developer - Developers (C++ / TS / Git) - Scripter TS (gameplay etc.) - 3d animator (1st/3rd person modelling / rigging / animation) Initially unpaid; when the upcoming Kickstarter campaign goes well paid. Check out the website and indiegogo page for more information: http://www.deadlymatter.com http://dmgo.co Mail: info * deadlymatter ' com Nils Eikelenboom Studio DimSum
  23. Awesome guys; that's a major achievement! Applause & tap on the shoulders!
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