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  1. Hello, For some time I have been working on a spherical terrain implementation in T3D. I have completed most of the basic work, and the terrain looks pretty good. The terrain contains many "nodes" each of which is square, containing two triangular polygons. The vertex data for the polygons is in local space, and it between -1 and + 1. I scale the vertex data by the "radius" of the world. The next goal I would like to tackle is rendering this terrain at a realistic planetary scale. I am not sure how to solve this issue, but I have spend some time thinking about it. First of all, I am
  2. JeffR, Thank you so much for that post! That really clears up a lot of the gaps in my knowledge. So, morph targets are essentially obsolete, would that be correct? It seems Unreal uses them a lot for it's character generator resources. By "not requiring any special pipeline handling", I assume you mean that the bones solution would be largely engine independent, would that be correct? I think I get the general concept now, I could do some experimenting with it. Do you know how multiple clothing, and armour types, etc, work then? If I scale up the arms, does the armour that I have atta
  3. Yes, I did a little digging, and it seems that you're right. I think this support was even depreciated a number of years ago. So, is that how morph target animation works then, in a character generator? You use a shader to alter the positions of the model? That's very clever, shaders are incredibly powerful. I'm not an artist, so I doubt I would understand this well enough to implement it, but would it be possible to create a system that does this? T3D has shaders, is it entirely shader based?
  4. As it turns out, T3D has morph target animation support, is this correct? My knowledge of animation is poor, but could this feature be used with Torque to produce a character creator similiar to fuse?
  5. Yes, I know about Makehuman, but it's not integrated, that's the thing. I think Unreal engine has some resources like this, which are made using morph targets?
  6. Hello, I have recently discovered Mixamo Fuse, and it's powerful character generation abilities. What I would really love though is to incorporate a program like this into a computer games engine. Does anyone know of any library out there that could be used like this? I have created a simple character creator before, but it is a long and involved process. Having access to a software library would be a huge advantage, a developer would only need to create the individual art assets (clothing, etc) and the software would allow the user to combine them with the base mesh and customis
  7. I think I figured this out. There are two main changes that I needed to make. The main issue is that "strtok" in T3D is conflicting with the standard library. To fix this, I simple renamed "strtok" in "stringfunctions.h". Secondly, In daeElement.cpp, the code references a function "max" in xutility that is no longer present. Adding this function to daeElement.cpp fixes this: // ALGORITHM STUFF (from <algorithm>) // TEMPLATE FUNCTION max template<class _Ty> inline const _Ty& (max)(const _Ty& _Left, const _Ty& _Right) { // return larger of _Left and _Righ
  8. Hello, I recently built a new machine to take advantage of the Oculus Rift when it is released. I am using Windows 10 and Visual Studio 2015 on the new machine, and can compile the most recent release of T3D with no problems. I have copied over a project from my old machine to the same directory on the new machine. I used Windows 7 and Visual studio 2010 to compile the old project. Everything seemed to go fine, except for a large number of errors around CSTDLIB. It seems that some of the VC include files have changed, and are causing issues with older T3D code. What would be
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