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  1. Hi All..! Just wanted to point something out on the web: I know, I have always pushed the 'Blender' open source model and I originally left T3D because my feelings concerning the Blender Open Source Model fell flat. I just want to post this because its a validation of my thoughts for T3D. Blender is about to release it's 2.8 version (a major milestone) and if you look back, it's (at it's core) a 30 year old software system. 30 freakin years. Amazing. They managed to keep the development alive by creating situations (in this case 'short films') then once they solved the problems encountered they release the 'fixes' to eliminate or ease those issues. I can see this philosophy still working now in T3D. It's not the BEST, most up-to-date real-time render engine but, it has potential. I think we can all agree on that. So, add your thoughts and comments. Nothing is 'out of bounds' here. This is posted in order to expose thoughts and issues I may have not thought of. What do you think? Should the community do a 'live' project and work any issues out and publish them as an update? Thoughts, concerns and general comments welcome. It's been a long time since this site was updated... Garage Games is basically dead, anyone out there still see the potential here? ?
  2. Well now.... this is interesting. Let me see what I can do with it..... might be nice to build a T3D level (with a spanking new release) after all my Unreal 'work' lately.
  3. @Johxz, Sorry man. I did not intend for that to sound 'hostile'. Not at all actually.
  4. don't care, give me the 5 dollars... jeesh.... this is gonna be like the 'earthquake' prediction thing on GG. Goes on an on..... Thanks Lukas!...show me the money... I am a broke ass aritst..... 5$ Is a a 1/4 tank of gas.... jeesh. LOL
  5. LOL. I can deal with this sort of spam man... Always good to see younglings indoctrinated :D
  6. Richard, Yeah, I figured this would be a 'quick' process.... separate the tools from the 'game play' menus stuff by just replicating and renaming a few things. Good lord! I was uhm... wrong. Problem is, it REALLY needs to be done and I am not tracking anyone working this issue. It stinks but, in the end, my goal is to be able to work out nearly any game play menu a designer wants, keep the tools as they are and incorporate ALL of the 'advanced' graphics features as a player menu NOT a designer exclusive menu. Again, FOV, MotionBlur, SSAO, etc etc etc. I am even doing a bit of 'deep research' into how to have the system 'determine' optimal settings. Who knew.... player menus are actually a pain the ass but, when I get done... at least TotalBiscut and his 'video game review' ilk will not be able to say that there are no 'proper' graphics control settings. ? for the current Steering Committee: just seeking a 'ruff' timeline to the next major T3D release. Given enough time, I can probably make this an addition. Once you all review the code etc etc. If things are going faster than I figure, then I will shoot for the release AFTER that. Ron
  7. Why would you want to try and sell the art assets? Seriously? My COMPLETE library is 'open source' but, if you try to sell it, you would make 0$. Take the freaking time and learn to model, create your own work and sell it. Programmers seem to have a LOCK on game dev, However, if you want to make a name for yourself in the game art world, you need to put in the time brother. If you are talking about including the assets in a game.... again, LEARN to or add an artist to your project. The alternative is something like 'The Slaughtering Grounds'. Where ONE of the primary issues with this Steam released 'game' was the use of 'purchased' assets. I personally don't care and I understand WHY a non-artist would need to use purchased art because a programmer/artist is a rare find. (in the indie world anyway). Games are a combination of science, programming and art. If you fail at one of these disciplines, then your project will likely fail. Keep this in mind. Original stuff sells. Oh yeah, this is NOT a dig at all the great programmers out there... however, ya'all cant make art for crap. I will try to correct that issue in the future. "game art for programmers' is coming soon.
  8. So, no 'official' backups. How about making it a 'tasker' for members. You know, if you have 'down time'.... copy and paste into into the resources section. Obviously, not sure what the hell the copyright implications are but still, it's something..... I am just really concerned with losing the knowledge base of all those years. Granted, I am being selfish here but.... hey I have been around A LONG ASS TIME. I plan on being one of the last guys working with T3D (in whatever version it gets too). Hate to see us lose the years of dedicated work that all of us has done.
  9. Good on you Duion! I have known you made this effort for awhile but, I never said 'congratulations'. You have some really good work for these guys to use. Keep up the good work.
  10. Ok, JUST SPECULATION HERE. I am not saying this will happen ANY time soon but, let's say Garage Games decides it's too costly or whatever to continue hosting the original site. Don't know about you guys but, I would certainly be out BIG time if the resources section and a few other sections on GG went away. Hell, when Instant Action went the way of the dinosaur, I spent DAYS copy and pasting threads and resource code into freaking text files. I also backed up all of my products and god knows what else. Just in case.... ya know. Is there any plan to migrate info here? If nothing else, as a back up? We stand to lose decades worth of info. Not all of it pertinent to the current T3D but still, I have spent a fair bit of time 'converting' ancient scripts and resources from those sources. This site appears to be 'working'.... I just think it's time we talked about the 800 pound gorilla in the room. Ron
  11. Gotta say Nils.... your graphics work is top notch! As for the 'issue' posted here. It's a non-issue. No offense to anyone here but, Crytek, UR4, T3D or whatever engine you use has it's own 'way' of doing things. (graphically). The issue boils down to this (and I AM TERRIBLE at this), those of us that do a fairly decent job on the art side of T3D need to get better at sharing HOW we do what we do. Now, I am not all that good. (compared to Nils and his project.... damn, I hope to be at his level someday) but, I know a thing or two that I have not shared simply because I am not exactly sure how to present it. Anyway, this thread reinforces the fact that T3D can do some really good stuff (visually) but, just like programming, scripting, etc etc, it takes a large bit of time and effort to get there. Maybe I should start a T3D art 'master class' thread or something.
  12. Gotta chime in on this since I have been using Torque Dev for YEARS. Never bought torsion, or any other scripting tool for T3D (or torque anything for that matter). I whole heartedly LOVE the idea of Torque Dev. No, it's not cross platform but hey, guess what Torque isn't either (at least not yet).
  13. @buckmaster, Yeah that was the first thing I did but, then I started really reading into what some of this does. I suspect the gui system can do much much more than I expected. In fact, I am leaning toward it being a bit of overkill for a game engine. Either way, I think I am going to try documenting as much of this as I can. I am sure I will get stumped by some of these profiles and such. If that happens I will post here. (Nothing like starting a tiny little project...jeesh)
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