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  1. It would be so great to have customizable arms that anyone could open in a free and open source pipeline.


    Agreed. It would be easy for new T3D users to get some reference on how the pipeline works and gets imported to the engine. I think Blender is the best option for source assets.

  2. I think some parts of the wiki are just not updated recently. You can just CMake and select your compiler x64 and build without problems.

    Tested latest commit with VS2015 x64..


    ..otherwise submit a Github issue if you have trouble building with some of the custom options enabled.

    Hope that helps.

  3. http://i.imgur.com/oNvcMDY.png

    Not exactly @Duion, I think it's still a valid DAE file if the engine can import and convert them properly to DTS format. You can also check this when viewing with AssimpView. The downside is any rigged or animation export feature/format for Assimp (Dae/X) is the part that is broken up until now.

    @Chelaru Yes, the Turret_Legs does hold those animations when opening it in AssimpView. I think I might have imported this properly in Blender back then. I just don't recall the exact process of fixing it, but I think I still got a copy of it archived somewhere on one of my old drives. I'll post it if I can still find it..

    ..and it seems you got the same related question posted here ;)

  4. I kind of figured out a quick workaround while checking out the ragdoll data stuff. It also looks similar to what you have applied there with GREED. I just took out a few joints that don't seem too noticeable, and the stretching disappeared right away. Tweaking also the bone size does have some slight effect but not sure if it could fix it.


    A friend also has some suggestions that could somehow be useful:


    the problem that you're describing sounds like the ragdoll bodies have penetrated prior to becoming active. When active bodies collide, physics sim can determine the forces acting on the bodies and apply forces in the reverse direction to prevent penetration, but if the bodies are already penetrated prior to becoming active it'll be difficult to determine what the reverse forces should be (physics sim would have to guess which from which face the penetration has occurred and would probably guess the wrong one) and would take time to eventually become separated. What I think would help is, perhaps, make use of something like active capsule collision to separate the bodies prior to activating ragdoll bodies.
  5. I hope this will be a successful port guys, J0linar. I'm also kind of working on a port but with just 3.8, so with your 3.10/4.0 requirement and full functionality, I did not bother to reply earlier. As for the bugs, it seems like the same 3.5 ported and carried over issues that still exist like multiple vicinity ragdoll stretching to 0,0,0 and other broken stuff which is out of my scope.

    Looking forward to this!

  6. It looks like you've lowered the terrain at that point, as you have the sandy ground at the bottom of the water/pool.

    In my case, I've set the terrain to "empty", so there's actually a hole in the ground, which I have my 3D model set into.

    So, the terrain is visibly not there, but it appears the collision is still being calculated for it. The collision on the 3D model is working fine; I have collision set to "visible mesh" on that. It's only when the terrain is present in the map that it's not working and I'm "running on air".


    Ok got it. So here's the terrain with a hole cut through it, not lowered and still don't see any issues. I also have placed another terrain below it.


    I could post or send the binary files if you would like to test them out.

  7. swapping the main audio device to OpenAL-soft, which is much better than the old OpenAL, OpenVR support for the Vive and freaking MacOS support!


    Great update! Is there also a way or CMake switch to disable openal-soft build? I tried unchecking all openal related settings but I'm still getting errors. I'm trying to build only DirectSound/XAudio on Windows.

  8. Hey guys,

    You can check all the file info here..


    .dml - Configuration files used for combining environmental textures, mostly used by precipitation and clouds.

    Yes, it looks like that it's not being referenced anymore so it's worth looking into this issue for inclusion. Having read some of the old GG forum posts, it is required and being used in TGE, TGEA and earlier versions of T3D.

  9. Just had a chance to look at it, and apparently the precompiled .exe file is outdated. So recompiling it through VS should fix it. I'm updating an updated .zip file soon :)


    Ah ok thanks. Apparently I still have to do a VS2015 reinstall and my latest working here is 2010 but anyway, looking forward to it. :)

  10. Yeah, TorqueScript works just like it has always done. C# is just an optional layer on top of that.. It doesn't even have to be merged into the official repo!


    Got it and that's awesome! I'm also getting the same error as [mention]deathbravo[/mention].

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