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  1. Early Access 1 Today I've released what was held in the Development Branch into the Master as Torque2D 4.0, the Rocket Edition, Early Access 1. That long rambling name deserves some explanation. First, the we needed to get this code out. The big change is the Gui System update which I actually started in 2018. Most of the Gui System has been updated by now and it's been battle tested by the construction of the Asset Manager. Which brings me to the second reason for the release, namely, the Asset Manager. This newly minted manager is immensely useful for seeing all the assets and building particle effects. Unfortunately, the Asset Manager is still rough around the edges so that's why we're doing an Early Access version. If you're starting a game, or just want to play around in 2D, you should really be using 4.0 since it has breaking changes from 3.5. Plus, I would greatly appreciate feedback on the Asset Manager. The "Rocket Edition" is just a nice text name for 4.x which I'll run with until we reach 5.x. Mostly it's a marketing theme. So what's next for the engine? Let's review the plan. Rocket Edition Road Map Disclaimer: This is a map, not the Bible. I will likely make changes as we go. Also there are no dates by design. These things happen as we have time. Early Access 2 - Remaining Gui System changes and Improvements to the Asset Manger such as a visual animation editor and support for named image frames. Early Access 3 - Project Manager to allow the copying of modules from the Module Library and a couple of modules for said library. Early Access 4 - New game demo based on the Rocket Edition, Perlin Noise Function, and Complex Colors on Tile Maps. Version 4.0 - Update to the Toybox to better match the Rocket Edition. Version 4.1 - The Gui Editor! (We have started this as a toy. Go thank Marauder2k9!) Version 4.2 - The Scene Editor! (This has also been started as a toy, again by Marauder.) Version 4.3 - Empty for now... That's the currently plan. I for one, am excited to see these things completed, but there's a lot of work to be done. If you're interested in helping, please reach out to me through Discord. Carry on, citizens!
  2. Unfortunately I work in 2D, but I'd be excited to see what you guys can cook up in a few days. I think a theme with asset pool would be fun. It would help focus development time the game mechanics.
  3. Yes, the problem is with Windows 10, 1903, but it sounds like it works for Android.
  4. I think the value in script is between 0 and 1 (not including 0) and in the engine that maps to -1 to 1. So should we be doing something platform specific for gamma correction on Android?
  5. And does it cause any problems in Android or iOS? In the latest version of windows it brings the whole machine to it's knees in a hell-storm of utter darkness!
  6. It happens automatically when the engine is starting up. Go to /platform/platformVideo.cc line 197 and 198. If you get latest in the master branch you'll need to uncomment them. The top line is an if-statement to which checks for gamma correction with getDeviceGammaRamp(). If it returns true (i.e. the device has hardware gamma correction) then it falls through to line 198 where it sets the gamma with setDeviceGammaRamp(). Just put a breakpoint there and see if it falls through the if-statement. My guess is that it almost never falls through and it is always broken when it does, but we'd like to know for sure.
  7. Thanks for the reply! I already commented out the gamma code from the Master branch, but it's easy to revive if you want to test it. Remember, the bug won't happen if you have two monitors (which most devs seem to have). I think in most cases the gamma correction code wasn't firing anymore anyway.
  8. It seems when there are two monitors set to extend the view then getDeviceGammaRamp returns false which causes the setDeviceGammaRamp to never be called. Is this Gamma ramp code just so old it doesn't work? Would I be better off removing it entirely?
  9. Hi, This is something that is popping up in Torque 2D but it might be the same in 3D as well. It seems that in windows 10 version 1903, if there's not two monitors extending the view, then setting the gamma with setDeviceGammaRamp causes the screen to go entirely black with no way of fixing it. If anyone can shed some light on this problem I would greatly appreciate it. Also, you should check to see if it is happening in T3D.
  10. You should probably move that question to it's own thread. Maybe someone with some Android knowledge will spot it and help you out. Wish I could help, but I've done painfully little with Android.
  11. Like microtransactions and such? Interesting. We should probably have code that can easily be added to the engine for these sorts of things.
  12. That's cool! I hope it does well. I don't know what admob is so I'm probably not going to be able to help you.
  13. It would be all the assets in the default asset manager in the engine (so readily available). The assets for the editors will be loaded in a separate asset manager so they will not appear in the editor. This is actually happening already in the dev branch. Also, the idea of loading a project was one that I struggled with for a long time. I finally settled on having the editors as more of an add-on for the game (which would not be added for the release of course) similar to the way the console is. Or another way of thinking of it is that we are just taking the console and extending it. It's a little bit of a paradigm shift from the old TGB but it saves a lot of effort that we don't have the man-power for. So the game loads as normal and somewhere in main it loads the editors which do everything they can to stay out of the global namespace and base asset manager. Of course, the editor is loaded as modules and if the game had modules with the same name that would be a problem. With that exception it should work great. I currently treat the Sandbox like the "game". Also, I've set up a library fold that I want to have reusable modules in. I hope to create a "Module Manager" that can add modules from the library into your game folder. There's already code to copy modules so this actually might be easier than it sounds. In the future I hope to have a lot default functionality built as modules so that people can quickly prototype ideas. For example, a dialog box module for an RPG type game. I image after copying it the user will need to make changes but it will give them a quick starting point. For now the library just has the AppCore module in there.
  14. For the Asset Manager I imagine a list of assets on one side and a list of controls on the other with the selected asset displayed in the center. So if you pick a particle effect, it's displayed in the center with the various settings for the particle effect on to the right of it.
  15. I wanted to have an "Asset Manager" that handles particles and animations along with static images. The scene editor is probably separate but I could see there being button to jump to an asset in the Asset Manager. I changed the event names from "Mouse" events to "Touch" events on the GUI controls which broke everything. I've been slowly fixing them and I haven't gotten to some to the controls used by the sandbox yet. There's other breaking changes still in the works as well, but that's the main one.
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