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  1. @Bloodknight..... :D...finally a little understanding ?... it's just a word ... but the human brain and imagination has no boundaries .... maybe everything is just a game ;)
  2. @Duion Yes,..it is true....for me i don't want to be somehow popular anymore...just to finish some my interesting project and if a few people say it was interesting it would be nice.
  3. ...it looks like you have a somewhat limited look at what is an overall view of an interactive medium like a computer game and what this new experience offers......so the debate with you looks like the lost of time.
  4. @Bloodknight .....computer game = a game that is played on a computer, in which the pictures that appear on the screen are controlled by pressing keys or moving a joystick http://dictionary.cambridge.org/amp/english/computer-game .....so by this definition are walking simulators a games?....Yes...that means they meet the basic condition of this definition...or maybe a game like Dear Esther is not a game according to you....does it have to shoot there to be a game? :roll:....good god! :D @Duion...for me it is just a hobby not a livelihood...i enjoy creation :)
  5. Yes....mobile games market is bigger every year since 2016......personally i am not so interested in mobile games....more pc artistic "games" ....like this : http://www.tale-of-tales.com/tales/RAM.html and this forum is for me interesting too : http://notgames.org/forum/ I have a demo of Crysis on my harddrive and playing it sometimes....the game looks good even today....great engine. ....i also tried Unity 5.1 but i do not know...this engine somehow tired or not fun of working with him.
  6. ...so if I understand correctly by you...it is by missing steering committee + non existend marketing and disinterest for indie user?...or the total lack of interest in the future of the Torque engine because there is no steering committee? @Duion ...you tried Cry engine?.....did you create something in it?
  7. ...so where are those projects/ prototypes for various games and all those wip games that a Torque novice can learn? ....where are more new users? .... new possible tutorial creators?........where is the reason? .... what is missing from the Torque engine....not necessarily much popular but more friendlier to new users. ....when i read somewhere discussing what engine to choose....so little will ever be heard "Go for Torque 3d engine".....and often you won't see the word Torque engine in these discussions. ....or you will hear an...outdated editor with hard workflow or FPS only engine. I
  8. I've been using the Godot engine for over three years...i think since version 2.1 ....and i can guarantee you that most people who use Godot engine have liked the simplicity and simultaneously cleverness of the editor and overall engine workflow and also the speed with which you have the overall game prototype done. This is a key for "popularity" not a that you can also create an mobile game with this engine... ...in fact Godot had quite problems with the Google store....yes Godot engine has maybe the best 2d editor and real 2d engine you can get for today....therefore it is so popular f
  9. Like @Razer write....T3D 4 needs a friendlier style of working with the editor....the success of the Godot engine is precisely because of this approach in the development of the editor (user friendly) and of course the MIT license. I think the Project Manager is the way in the right direction...also the process of writing scripts for game object behaviors...maybe somethink like Unreal engine's BluePrints would be great for artist...input event mapping and export game project needs changes for the better workflows.
  10. Yes, that would be great...the front site needs upgrading.
  11. You can try Wings 3D.....but does not have animation tools. ....also 3D Crafter previously 3D Canvas and K-3D are interesting pieces of software.
  12. ...of course when the picture is somehow bigger so be sure to use one of many free image/file sharing website...or from your website....how he wrote Duion.
  13. ....below the window where you write the text....next to the Options button is Attachments...there will be pictures, etc added.
  14. Great arts Eric....Thanks for your work.
  15. I think 2d mmo yes but 3d not....Godot is still not good in larger 3d scenes.... performance is really bad....missing LOD and Occlusion culling....although it has a pbr but shader rendering or processing is probably slow.......Godot version 4.0 could change it but it will be in a year and a half. Torque engine has a much better performance and now I'm working on one project in this great engine.....I love both engines :) ......what I really love about the Torque engine is landscaping and weather and particles ...because I do mainly exploration adventure puzzle and experimental art and weird
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