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  1. @Bloodknight Thanks for your time to help me......I have itch.io account....Steam ac. i don't have there it's obviously a bit more complicated .... but i rather think where and what i can delete in the project .... eg. an editor is not needed, etc........i always use a pre-compiled BLANC template .... so if i delete unnecessary folders and files it will be ok?.....then zip package for players?......or I must delete unnecessary folders and files and re-compile/build in the VS whole project?.....VS a Cmake things...for this i'm totally stubborn :-))

  2. @Bloodknight .....computer game = a game that is played on a computer, in which the pictures that appear on the screen are controlled by pressing keys or moving a joystick


    .....so by this definition are walking simulators a games?....Yes...that means they meet the basic condition of this definition...or maybe a game like Dear Esther is not a game according to you....does it have to shoot there to be a game? :roll:....good god! :D

    @Duion...for me it is just a hobby not a livelihood...i enjoy creation :)

  3. Yes....mobile games market is bigger every year since 2016......personally i am not so interested in mobile games....more pc artistic "games" ....like this : http://www.tale-of-tales.com/tales/RAM.html

    and this forum is for me interesting too : http://notgames.org/forum/

    I have a demo of Crysis on my harddrive and playing it sometimes....the game looks good even today....great engine.

    ....i also tried Unity 5.1 but i do not know...this engine somehow tired or not fun of working with him.

  4. ...so if I understand correctly by you...it is by missing steering committee + non existend marketing and disinterest for indie user?...or the total lack of interest in the future of the Torque engine because there is no steering committee?

    @Duion ...you tried Cry engine?.....did you create something in it?

  5. ...so where are those projects/ prototypes for various games and all those wip games that a Torque novice can learn?

    ....where are more new users? .... new possible tutorial creators?........where is the reason? .... what is missing from the Torque engine....not necessarily much popular but more friendlier to new users.

    ....when i read somewhere discussing what engine to choose....so little will ever be heard "Go for Torque 3d engine".....and often you won't see the word Torque engine in these discussions.

    ....or you will hear an...outdated editor with hard workflow or FPS only engine.

    I personally like the Torque engine .... it's great but something obviously missing....or not?

  6. I've been using the Godot engine for over three years...i think since version 2.1

    ....and i can guarantee you that most people who use Godot engine have liked the simplicity and

    simultaneously cleverness of the editor and overall engine workflow and also the speed with which you have the overall game prototype done.

    This is a key for "popularity" not a that you can also create an mobile game with this engine...

    ...in fact Godot had quite problems with the Google store....yes Godot engine has maybe the best 2d editor and real 2d engine you can get for today....therefore it is so popular for mobile games....but Godot is heading higher than just for mobile games....Godot engine 4 is aiming at smaller and middle studios for pc market.

    Godot engine is not....something like - "Hey,...we will create engine for a mobile games and we will be popular and rich " :).....in fact the Godot engine is 12 years in development....started as a proprietary engine and got open-sourced in the 2014.

    .....it's perfectly designed...brilliantly developed modern engine.

  7. Yes,...this would be great ... are you already working on this?...any pictures from the development?

    ...there will be no problem with character base mesh? - faces flows with Makehuman model?.... i know it is not ideal for use for a realtime....many useless Ngons.

  8. Like @Razer write....T3D 4 needs a friendlier style of working with the editor....the success of the Godot engine is precisely because of this approach in the development of the editor (user friendly) and of course the MIT license.

    I think the Project Manager is the way in the right direction...also the process of writing scripts for game object behaviors...maybe somethink like Unreal engine's BluePrints would be great for artist...input event mapping and export game project needs changes for the better workflows.

  9. Thanks...trigger solution sounds great...I have raycasting implemented but

    ...when mouse click ( mouse button1) but I need fire ray just right cursor (cross) pointing over the item without mouse clicks events.

    All interactive items would be in the "GameItem" internal name....that are similar to the groups in the Godot engine.

    ....so if object Is in group/have internal name "GameItem" ray Is shooting from eye point to the declared vector and range (from 0 to 4.0 range)...is this possible?

    like in the Godot engine:

    var ray_collider = cam_ray.get_collider()

    if cam_ray.is_colliding() and ray_collider.is_in_group("item"):

    info.text = str(ray_collider.name)


    info.text = str("")

    "cam_ray" is a RayCast node in the Godot engine somethink like pre-made datablock with changeable properties in the Torque engine...I think.

  10. I think the development to improve the engine is great....modules/assets + build-in live scripting with debugging in editor = really improve workflow with Torque engine....also project manager Will be great...all this means more joy in game development and it means more new community members...

    ...and PBR for Torque ...for a new great graphic and better looking assets....all means a sea of ​​work and enthusiasm .... thank god this engine has such great developers.

  11. @Duion Thanks,....I only use Empty project template for my projects so I'm putting together from the ground simple game mechanics scripts everything as needed by the project.....slowly and step by step....while looking in the documentation and net.

    ......after a short pause, i finally put it together and a script for a pick up and drop objects / items works great....serverCmdRayCastObject(%client, %obj) function takes care of mounting item to mount node and serverCmddropItem(%client, %obj) takes care of drop(unmount) item....This..

    %control = %client.getControlObject();

    %mountedItem = %control.getMountedObject(0);

    if (%mountedItem.isMounted())

    .....it was crucial that drop / unmount work.


  12. Hello, I need drop mounted item...I have this script with mouse 0 button1 - dropItem and

    button0 - RayCastObject

    ....pick up item works great but when I want to drop an item it doesn't work.

    function serverCmdRayCastObject(%client,%obj)
       %range = 4;
       $control = %client.getControlObject();
       %eyePos = $control.getEyePoint();
       %eyeVec = $control.getEyeVector();
       %mask = $TypeMasks::StaticShapeObjectType|$TypeMasks::ItemObjectType;
       %dirScaled = VectorScale(%eyeVec, %range);
       %endPoint = VectorAdd(%eyePos, %dirScaled);
       %result = containerRayCast(%eyePos, %endPoint, %mask, %client.getControlObject(), false);
       if (getWordCount(%result) > 0 && getWord(%result, 0) !$= "0")
            %obj = getWord(%result, 0);
            if (%obj.internalName $= "Item")
                ItemText.schedule(500, "setText", ""); 
             if (%obj.parentGroup $= "InteractiveItems")
                ItemText.setText(%obj.name SPC "PICKED UP");
                ItemText.schedule(2000, "setText", "");
                $control.mountObject (%obj, 0);
              if (%obj.isMounted ())
                echo("is Mounted");
                $control.unmountObject (%obj);
    //.     Drop Items command 
    function serverCmddropItem (%client, %obj)
       ItemText.setText("ITEM DROPED");
       ItemText.schedule(1000, "setText", "");


    ....so unmount works this way but I need Drop an item only when I press the mouse button.

  13. Thanks,.....exactly as wrote Happenstance in the post above.... "The issue is when the cursor is hidden mouse events are sent to ActionMap for processing, when it's shown they are sent through the GUI system. In your case PlayGui::onRightMouseDown() is never being called because those events are being handled (and ignored) by ActionMap."

    ......so when I try to set noCursor = "1" in the playGui.gui - GameTSCtrl(PlayGui)

    ....which I really need to make the cursor hidden at the start of the game...so then RMB input is blocked/ignored.

  14. This mouse controls are for my Red611 project where the objects/items will be viewed....so player clicks on the item with LMB (cursor is hidden) >>> the window with model/item appears...mouse cursor appears too....fps camera is off....the player views and examines the model/item....and now the player has two options......

    ....close the model window with RMB anywhere on the screen outside the model window.....the window closes and the cursor also disappears....fps camera is On.

    .....or clicks with LMB on the bottom half of the screen when he want to close the model window....or may not close the model window but in both cases it will stay the cursor on the screen so that when there are multiple models/items to examine on the screen....for example the individual books in the library.....will actually stay in the viewing item mode....until he presses RMB.

    .....but only problem is cursor which is visible when the game begins.

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