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  1. Thanks for help .....I try this points but I'm very begginer so a more detailed explanation would help me. .....also there is no possibility mounted some object to the eye node and this object would make that raycasting to the objects/items?
  2. For my project I would need GuiCrossHair recognize the subject- interactive items automatically when the player points the crosshair on them and text about this item to appear on the screen. .......what are the options in the Torque engine for this? Thanks Bishop
  3. Thanks guys....no changes to the engine....i'll try to your advices but project is much in the beginning...no gameplay yet...just terrain + some buildings....so I just need the terrain and the buildings...so it'll be easy ,I think.
  4. Great arts Eric....Thanks for your work.
  5. Keep Up guys....this engine is Great....Thanks for your hard works on this.
  6. Hi, I have project in the beginning of the development and I would like to transfer/copy the project to newest stable but I do not know how....copy folders?...but what and where or there is any way? Thanks Bishop PS. I think Torque needs some project manager?....that would be great for this.
  7. I think 2d mmo yes but 3d not....Godot is still not good in larger 3d scenes.... performance is really bad....missing LOD and Occlusion culling....although it has a pbr but shader rendering or processing is probably slow.......Godot version 4.0 could change it but it will be in a year and a half. Torque engine has a much better performance and now I'm working on one project in this great engine.....I love both engines :) ......what I really love about the Torque engine is landscaping and weather and particles ...because I do mainly exploration adventure puzzle and experimental art and weird walking games....so I need great landscapes and buildings.
  8. Yes...I also noticed that it is not up to date :)...I wish the Torque engine to make the big changes right to implement as well as more users because the Torque engine is also a great engine but now I'm just creating projects faster and much easier in the Godot engine.
  9. Hi,....I have not written a long time here :D ....but I still have Torque engine on my harddisk and occasionally very little I use it....I have been using Godot engine for over two years now and as somebody said this could be a good example. .....why did I choose a Godot engine?....here I have to mention that I am mainly an artist not a programmer and yet after about a year I can write in GDscript mostly my own scripts....so simply that great scripting language is....that's one of the reasons...next good user-friendly and clear UI.....great scene/node system....write script - run game instantly....no third-party shits...easy "with just one click" game release for many platforms.....great Linux support...when you're done with Windows you're sure it works great on the Linux distr. .....and many other reasons why I chose this engine.....and not as someone wrote here about mobile phones and shit cryptocurrencies and similar craps ;)...ask people on the Godot forums and you mainly hear the same things. ....So Torque engine way?....upgrade/modernize TSscript...so easy write script directly in editor as in Godot engine.....artist friendly TSscript with many examples...maybe visual scripting too. .....user-friendly UI for editor. .....easy "one click" releases for platforms. ....new modern project manager editor .....I think it can be a good start for the Torque engine to have more users and bigger community.....because I think Torque engine has many to offer...just needs a little to modernize.....Torque engine is also MIT licensed and has a great chance to become a very popular engine as well....you should use it. Edit: l read now Bloodknight's features/wishes list post and yeah! If done this so it will be more than great.
  10. This is great..thank you very much!!
  11. Thank you very much JeffR!! I'm happy that I can be here with excellent community!
  12. Hi all,I'm new here, I want to say I love the Torque 3d and big thanks for a great job!! I look forward to my adventures and creations with Torque
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