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  1. Well, getting stuck more is probably a result of having the higher horizontal resolution while keeping the same vertical size - so more polygons that exceed the "max walkable" slope. So one would have to ensure that the source heightmap was relatively free of noise.
  2. Yeah, that should do the trick - the "downside" is the increase in the terrain data size. So unless you're running the 64 bit build you'll hit the memory cap earlier.
  3. Can we change the versioning scheme? I'd like to offer this: Major version: Dr. Seuss book titles, in alphabetical order ascending. Minor version: Genus/species names of rodents, in alphabetical order by genus first then species ascending. Build/update version: Pastry names from around the world, in alphabetical order ascending. I feel this would make it almost instinctive to understand for even the bloodiest of raw newcomers. As you can see, it follows the natural order of the Universe and therefore is the most natural way to organize such things.
  4. No doubt! I use vi much more often than vim. And I voted for .torquescript because I'm perverse that way (I'm a father, after all). And it won't clash.
  5. I've pushed my changes into my fork of the Torque3D-Documentation repository - https://github.com/RichardRanft/Torque3D-Documentation. Note - as I've said before, I only update the stuff I'm interested in. There is still a ton of outdated info there....
  6. Well, to hell with that noise! I'm gonna fix it! 'Cause that's what I do! :lol:
  7. generateProjects.bat still works fine for me - though I haven't added a vs2013 or vs2015 target yet, the vs2012 target script still does what it's supposed to do. Not sure how it can really break, after all - all it does is walk the source folder recursively and add files to the project. This results in a project with your specified parameters from the buildfiles/config/project.config file for the project at hand. Nothing really fancy here, so I'd expect it to be pretty durable.
  8. Because you can't follow the Company : Contact Us link right on the GG website? Here, to save you having to do something yourself - http://www.garagegames.com/company/contact
  9. I think you should ask Eric Priez instead of me. I don't work for Garage Games and he does....
  10. Having had similar discussions with GG employees - including Eric Priez - over the years, they don't generally mind if you want to look at and learn from what they make visible. Don't take it and try to sell it whole, don't reskin and rip off, and they probably won't mind. Ask them first to be sure - Eric is very pleasant and will certainly answer any questions you have. Keep these things in mind and I'm sure you'll be fine with regards to things that GG makes publicly visible.
  11. Yeah, was thinking that myself - but wasn't entirely sure. Maybe he'll chime in on it.
  12. Yeah - I'm guessing you had a well-defined set of events to handle and your plugin was required to have at least a stub for each event. I'm also guessing that your number of required stubs was fairly small, numbering in the few dozens at worst? Torque's console is well-defined but very broad - the sheer number of export/import definitions is the issue, not the method. It's not really a matter of "this is difficult" but more "this is time consuming." I've looked at it (spent about 6 hours one Saturday about two years ago) and admittedly didn't dive terribly deep, but it looks like a lot of
  13. This has crossed my mind a few times. Most of T3D is already a dll, no real reason we couldn't make the executable portion look in a specific directory for other dlls and load them. Need to expose a ton of stuff so the plugins can use the Console and TorqueScript, but though it's a lot of work it's not impossible by a long shot. I've just been too busy ("lazy") to do it myself.
  14. I agree that the documentation is out of date. I agree that all features should be working as described. There are parts of this beast that bother everyone and there are parts that bother only some of us, but there are some things that need to be added even before some of the old bugs are fixed just to draw more users. I think that the SC is trying to focus on some modernization to help bring more developers in so that there are more people with the time and inclination to jump in. I feel that the engine belongs to everyone. If you see a problem and it really bothers you, log the bug
  15. Well, if examining anything that is visible can help to solve problems then at the least I believe that GG wouldn't have a problem with people doing that. But since the assets and products have no license one could obviously not simply take them for general use. For instance - the asset importers/editors in 3SS could probably be used as a foundation for the same type of tools in T2D. I guess I'm trying to say that I don't think they would have a problem with people using them as a springboard - but of course ask them if you have questions.
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