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  1. Mixamo/Fuse is a great way to get characters into T3D - its free, no strings attached. I have several hundred models downloaded and fully rigged with thousands of animations to choose from. Not sure what the resistance is to this product or why it matters how you construct your character... what does matter is whether or not it works in T3D and how easily it can be accomplished - both of these are met easily with Fuse/Mixamo Looking forward to your tutorial TorqueFan ! Note also - We should be pursuing several default characters - male and female, military as well as civ
  2. Need some help here. With VS2010 I get 43275 errors and 574 warnings. Whats changed since 3.8 (builds find under VS2010). There are 2008,2010 and 2012 builds available under buildFiles/ I saw a post about building 3.9 - would this apply to 3.10.1 ? Thanks in advance ! Jim
  3. Using the 3.8 codebase I added ribbons to my projectiles and have noticed a strange side effect - shooting bullets into the terrain leaves a RibbonNode object at the point of impact for each projectile. Jump into mission edit mode after shooting some of these into the ground to see them. I modified the projectile.cs onExplode and onCollision script files to delete the ribbon. Seems to work but then thought about the projectiles that are shot into the air and hit nothing - are those ribbons being deleted when the projectile gets cleaned up. Checked the projectile.cpp code and added similar code to Projectile::onRemove() to check for the ribbon when the projectile gets deleted but this is sometimes crashing..not sure if removefromScene or Parent::onRemove handle the ribbon or not. Not sure of the implications of having tons of ribbonodes laying around but it can't be good. Anyone else notice this?
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