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  1. Hi, I’ve spend some time testing both engines, so maybe this post will help You a bit. I won’t write long comparison, since after reading Your post I guess that You are aware of main pros and cons of both engines. Basically both engines are different and designed to be used in different ways, I guess You will have to choose what fits You better. Urho gives You better flexibilty – You can use it as an external library and that will give You control of application from begging to the end, but will also require to write a lot of stuff from scratch. On the other hand in Torque You build upon ex
  2. If You want to use autofocus try aiming at ground or some other object with collision, if You don't need it (autofocus should be off by default) check min. focus range - if it's too high you won't see any effect, also try increasing blur curves.
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