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  1. when i first run it in cmd console, it gives : Unhandled Exception: System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object. at Torque3D.GuiCanvas.showWindow() in D:\GameDev\Torque3D-Hobby\Torque#-Alpha \c#\Torque3D\Torque3D\Engine\GuiCanvas.cs:line 940 at Game.TestScript.entry() in D:\GameDev\Torque3D-Hobby\Torque#-Alpha\c#\Torq ue3D\Game\TestScript.cs:line 142 at Torque3D.Torque3D.Initialize(String[] args, Libraries libraryNames) in D:\ GameDev\Torque3D-Hobby\Torque#-Alpha\c#\Torque3D\Torque3D\Torque3D.cs:line 121 at Game.Program.Main(String
  2. a short distraction; I am the vim fan. but I like the joke. :D :lol: :D :lol:
  3. interesting project. thanks for the recommendation.
  4. fantastic screenshot. but closed.
  5. ooooh my shiiiiiiiting god; I think this thread is a proof of we are a great community. we don't need others to criticize us. we do criticize ourselves. even got a civil war. :mrgreen:
  6. do you mean bind the mesh to the default soldier's armature of the FULL template of T3D? or your customized characters' armature and animations? look at this Dummy, It is Janders' model. http://www.mediafire.com/download/40c3n3c4osjzdoe/Torque_Dummy_bip01_R4.7z It is bind to the soldier's armature, and can use the default animations. I am not professional, If you have not found an artist and you don't mind the quality, I can have a try.
  7. may i post reply in this thread? how mad a squad of developers you are!!!! the logo of torque should be changed to 3 rockets. and thanks for the hard working :D :D :D
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