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  1. I found some clues on my cloth crash. the cloth is enabled to be simulated in both server and client side. I am not sure why 2 identical clothes run in physx could cause invalid particle data. the crash occurs while creating cloth enabled tsStatic using script in console. the reason is Andrew's cloth code check physics world of client side while creating cloth, if the client world doesn't exist, nothing will happen. If client world exist, then create cloth in the world. when loading the test mission with cloth in it, the server world will be created first, then load the shapes to the server side, create client world , then load shapes in client. while enabling cloth in server side, the code ask for client world, but the world doesn't exist, then nothing to do. while create shape in the console, the client world is already there, the shape will be added twice in both server and client side, and are both created in the client world. I tried to check isServerObject() in _enableCloth(), and it stopped crashing.
  2. thanks again Timmy, I want to make 3.3 works at first. I am progressively studying the engine
  3. Thanks Timmy, I have seen the source code of physx 3.4 in UE's repo. If the problem is caused by modified tsMesh, I think I am not too far from solution.
  4. hi, anybody merged Timmy's & Andrew's advanced physx cloth into 3.9? I tried it but lockParticleData at line 315 of px3ClothShape.cpp returns data with invalid particle array, crashes the program. I tried step by step F10 trace the engine running, to ensure the vertices of cloth mesh passed in to createCloth properly. and the mesh is Andrew's flag model.
  5. when i first run it in cmd console, it gives : Unhandled Exception: System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object. at Torque3D.GuiCanvas.showWindow() in D:\GameDev\Torque3D-Hobby\Torque#-Alpha \c#\Torque3D\Torque3D\Engine\GuiCanvas.cs:line 940 at Game.TestScript.entry() in D:\GameDev\Torque3D-Hobby\Torque#-Alpha\c#\Torq ue3D\Game\TestScript.cs:line 142 at Torque3D.Torque3D.Initialize(String[] args, Libraries libraryNames) in D:\ GameDev\Torque3D-Hobby\Torque#-Alpha\c#\Torque3D\Torque3D\Torque3D.cs:line 121 at Game.Program.Main(String[] args) in D:\GameDev\Torque3D-Hobby\Torque#-Alph a\c#\Torque3D\Game\Program.cs:line 17 then I tried it in visual studio, it works. Then it can work in cmd console without the exception thrown.
  6. a short distraction; I am the vim fan. but I like the joke. :D :lol: :D :lol:
  7. seems nobody knows things in network layer at this moment. I am just reply to say thanks for your effort.
  8. interesting project. thanks for the recommendation.
  9. forgot to mention that my machine is an old laptop, hasn't DX11 support, and I run them in DX9 mode in Win7 64bit.
  10. http://forums.torque3d.org/download/file.php?mode=view&id=101 tried another build, loaded, it should be the official version prebuild. other build
  11. I tried the file. It loaded in my computer. My 3.9 is a 32bit pre build binary, not sure its the official one or johxz's version.
  12. I think it is the typical use case of blend. and I think the shape editor (at least in 3.8) can't show the final (blended) sequence, it show only the offset of the sequence. I always need to go in to game to see the blended result.
  13. fantastic screenshot. but closed.
  14. Then I downloaded the git release. runs properly and renaming didn't break it. D3D9.
  15. I downloaded Johxz's bin, and D3D9 runs properly. Renamed folder doesn't break it. D3D11 prompt 'failed to set a light manager' at start then crashed. OpenGL shows nothing and crash directly. But they are not issues since I am using a obsoleted low end laptop with I5-2520, Intel HD3000 and Win7 64bit. It support only D3D9.
  16. thanks for so much inputs here Johxz. It seems your are a very high level user of linux. The recommendations inclined to those clean distros. The very popular and beginner friendly debian family is excluded. I have only some experience of solaris and a bit freeBSD. And has been working in windows with enterprise software for 10 years. But it is difficult to find job. I need pick some linux & java skill to feed myself. And expecting at least to help t3d testing in the future. Since my noobility I want to use same distro with you developers to reduce my hassle. I will try Slackware and Arch. Thanks.
  17. Then, can u recommend a distro for developing. I need to setup a  linux vm to do some web things and try to do some torque things when I get a new job.
  18. ooooh my shiiiiiiiting god; I think this thread is a proof of we are a great community. we don't need others to criticize us. we do criticize ourselves. even got a civil war. :mrgreen:
  19. http://github.com/deathbravo/BlenderTressFxTfxExporter The tool is a part of my TressFX porting for torque3d. It exports blender's particle hair to tressfx's tfx file. It is not completed, the animated skin is not finished. So it is not useful for fur exporting. only used for hair. If anybody need to play with hair, the tool may save your 1-2 hours writing an exporter. I was porting the AMD tressfx hair lib to timmy's DX11 version. But I am now losing my job, and I need to find a new job before returning to the development.
  20. do you mean bind the mesh to the default soldier's armature of the FULL template of T3D? or your customized characters' armature and animations? look at this Dummy, It is Janders' model. http://www.mediafire.com/download/40c3n3c4osjzdoe/Torque_Dummy_bip01_R4.7z It is bind to the soldier's armature, and can use the default animations. I am not professional, If you have not found an artist and you don't mind the quality, I can have a try.
  21. thanks. It doesn't need to login to see his posts.
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