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  1. So... to revamp a dead thread. Did we get this into the 3.8 version
  2. The idea is actually fun and cool. Sadly I have little time in these days... and someone in this thread really should invest in a happy meal man...
  3. Hopefully it works well now. It would be rather sad for the new people who download the 4.0 version upon release and then they realize that no scripting IDE works for the engine. Torsion is the only really fully featured TorqueScript IDE that works well right now.
  4. So that project file is not behaving with the new engine?
  5. Hoodies are cool man. I love those. Great to see you around here @Scott Burns
  6. This is actually a neat resource. Shows us how to tweak stuff in the engine itself. Thanks :D
  7. for Linux I think this might work as a debugger: http://torqueide.sourceforge.net/
  8. See this: http://www.garagegames.com/community/forums/viewthread/132196/1#comment-835904 and look at comment 10 below.
  9. Uninstal VS 2019 and then reinstall it and use CMake 3.17.0 version. Now see it it works.
  10. OpenAL is not an option? https://www.openal.org/ under audio.cs it says: case "DirectSound": if( %providerB $= "FMOD" || %providerB $= "OpenAL" )
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