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  1. So that project file is not behaving with the new engine?
  2. Hoodies are cool man. I love those. Great to see you around here @Scott Burns
  3. I swear by my AXE and Warhammer that if yaaa ever gut out TorqueScript I'll have yaaa all! No harm to TS shall pass!
  4. but is this not very simple? @Code_Man and @Duion can keep away from Discord and then the rest of us can use it. Problem solved. Case solved. No more to debate.... Top dollar! :mrgreen:
  5. I just wanna add that Blender Game Engine is no more:
  6. No and also not for sale. It was more meant as a funny comment for us who bought it back then for big bucks. You can use blender to bake lighting with I have been told. Blender is free.
  7. Phew! Who needs money when we have PureLight and TorqueScript? :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
  8. With stuff like this: http://store.steampowered.com/app/263540/Villagers_and_Heroes/ I have never seen Torque 3D as a bad engine. It has many good and solid projects behind it. Edit: Oh and I just tried out the head dev with AFX merged in on a DX 11. Seems pretty modern rendering tech for me :mrgreen: Granted it is not DX 12 but that is NOT a problem for me as I would even accept DX9. Just pointing out that Xcom: Enemy Unknown is a DX9 game. Torque 3D is in all ways a fine tool. And it has over the last years seen several fine game releases.
  9. just copy the shaders dir over from full. @Azaezel Ahhhh! I remember that from windows as well :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: Thanks :D
  10. https://github.com/Azaezel/Torque3D/tree/afx_plus_devhead not 100% up to date, and likely will not continue to play solo-maintenance-monkey on that once we hit E/C given the spiderweb nature of it hooking onto the core classes, and E/C by nature pretty much obliterating those, but should be a largely workable starting point for now. @Azaezel I did a install with Cmake and code::block as the tutorial in the Youtube video showed. It works fine with the AFX branch you have. Except that the AFXDemo templates throws a Fatal error in Engine/source/gfx/gl/gfxGLShader.cpp @ 665 when I lunch the Tor
  11. Thanks @Timmy I shall check it out. About AFX: Okay now that all my awesome machines are on the Ubuntu rocks and that I have seen how smooth and awesome(I mean it feels damn smooth) the Torque 3D MIT version 10 Linux binaries on the desktop my next question is... Has any of you ported or found an awesome way to make AFX work? I assume that it means making some OpenGL calls instead of DirectX 9 calls in regards to shaders etc... Also I am no engine programmer here and certainly not a OpenGL or DirectX Ninja what so ever. Please feel free to drop a message in here about that. Calling o
  12. Oh I guess I did not write that clearly. I have installed Ubuntu 16.04 as dual boot on the laptop(both on m11x and m17x that is), but the desktop has a UEFI bios so the approach is a bit different here. Not that it is difficult but it is just not boot with USB and follow the GUI's guidelines. It is more like remember to click continue and then enter Ubuntu terminal and do some work in it(I forgot that in the first run and got a not boot option and only windows 10 boot... hence annoying). I guess I am with time gonna go for some Nvidia gpus as it seems they love Linux a bit more :D
  13. Show me your console.log, if you are not using the binary drivers from amd you won't be getting full hardware acceleration. Amd stopped developing their old binary drivers (fglrx) and re-wrote their linux drivers, they now have an opensource one called amdgpu and the proprietary driver is called amdgpu-pro, problem is they just abandoned a lot of older hardware with these new drivers. Unfortunately if you are going to seriously use linux, you need to use NVidia or late model amd cards. You can also as you suggested go back to using older distro's, i can't remember what version of xorg the old
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