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  1. Hey folks, came across this and since am sure that some of you might want something like that, why not support it?! All-in-one VR system for 199,- by EXCHIMP Check out the ExChimp‏ Thunderclap Campaign https://www.thunderclap.it/projects/54761-all-in-one-vr-system-for-199 Visit the ExChimp‏ Website https://www.exchimp.com/ fN27LqkqTB8 Do note am not affiliated in any Way with ExChimp.
  2. Completed (at least from my pov and for what i hoped) Evrything works as it should. The Port was made by rextimmy RexTimmys GitHub https://github.com/rextimmy/Torque3D/tree/gmk_wip it compiles without issues and works
  3. Am confident in the person i chose, as for the multiple vicinity ragdoll stretching to 0,0,0 Issue... If am not mistaken i fixed it once, with the soldier model... cant`t remember right now what i did but am sure i can fix that again. (Never bothered to complete the work since Greed went downhill and me mia). x9d5tdmzhZU kkeTUhy9GMI
  4. Party Chosen - PM sent. To the rest, thank you for your interest and i wish you a good start in the new year. Thank you. To Mods: Please keep this thread open for possible future updates regarding the Porting of GMK to T3D 3.10/4.0
  5. Hey thx for the reply and the interest, i forgot one link i found Anis was working on some kind of refactoring of GMK and it might help out as well. https://github.com/Lopuska/Torque3D/tree/PhysicsRefactor_GMK GMK Physics Refactoring by Anis Now take the holidays and come back to me if you really want to do this, i would of course prefer you now as you are some one who has experience with it.
  6. Hey folks, after some time in the never ending sea of real life changes and engine changes am back with T3D again and again and this time for good. It was not a hard choice to move back, T3D makes me at least feel the dirt between my teeth when working with it, it makes pain a pleasure if you know what i mean now anyways yes i could go on and do my thing without GMK but its what i would need or at least i imagine building my project with it and am sure there are other ppl who would benefit of a updated GMK for T3D 3.10/4.0 and am sure there is someone out there who is willing to earn some
  7. Yes bumping it from 70 to a Max of 90 Skinned Bones fixed the issue. Making it a pref sounds nice but honestly just bumping it up will solve upcoming issues with ppl comin and asking why, cuz i dont think that ppl will cross the line of 90 Bones. 70 Bones is enough for a Player Character and for some of us it should be enough for the view models as well. Anyways thx JeffR for pointing me to the right direction.
  8. didnt compiled yet just took a look and saw U32 TSShape::smMaxSkinBones = 70; i mean was that serious? rly.... from an artist pov this a slap in the face for example My FPS Hand Rig got 80 Bones and yes sure i could work with less but the look and feel of the animations would go down the retro train. 90 should be a Max and reasonable Setting but 70 is not enough, think about Player Models with actual eye/mouth movement as an example, dont get me wrong am not tryin to rant its just implementing a bottleneck like that in the src is a fail. Anyways am gonna recompile and see if a setti
  9. Sry but 3.10 broke 2 things for me and maybe even more.... I have used 3.9 for my current Project and wanted to check out the 3.10 RC and i made sure that i add all and evryrthing in order but for some odd reasons i get the following Issues. #1 Damage gets applied to the player when spawning - if weapon is a Melee weapon. #2 DAE and DTS(cached)models - Model Parts are not being rendered - this happens with FPS_View Models. Now am sure i have encountered Issue #1 some releases ago but i know that that Issue isnt happening in 3.9 and about #2 am just :shock: Would like to hear if
  10. am no scinetist but why not just call it wip as in work in progress ;) Nah to be honest am actually fine with the old structure but hey why not.
  11. How about this, what if the Resource contains original code created from the author from scratch = it can be used and injected into T3D, and yes it is simple as that. There are some cases where it might be a issue but in a dozen of cases there are no issues, since the Resources that would end up in T3D are created from scratch/ script based. And now to the Author question, lets brake it down to "They are Resources, people shared those, so that they can be used freely and now that means who has the source code and well guess what we all have it as its now under MIT and therefore... See
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