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  1. I'm sure it could be, but keeping the filename the same isn't ideal. I want to keep the original map (Map.mis) so it can be played, but also have a modified version (Map_v2.mis) of it as well. If everything looks decent, fine with me. I don't care if I add new shapes and they don't have shadows in Map_v2.mis. Not sure how T2 or other Torque Games handled this other than generating the lighting file on first load then saving it.
  2. Thanks. To be a bit more clear, I'm trying to make server-side maps just...work. Right now when you have a map on the server that you've altered, people can connect to it just fine but unfortunately it doesn't reference or utilize the original mission lighting file, so the terrain is super bright and models are completely black. I never really played Tribes 2, but I'm fairly certain server-side maps were a thing, just like Tribes 1. Having the lighting file created during mission load then saved would solve my issues I think. If Legions were on T3D I probably wouldn't even be having this discussion (though that brings up the question: does T3D support server-side maps?). Legions on T3D, or any modern engine would be pretty great. Sadly with how licensing is, we're left tinkering with a 13 year old game on an incomplete Torque engine stuck somewhere between TGEA and T3D. I'll probably just drop this project at the moment, as it's likely more work than it's worth. Thanks though.
  3. I'm tinkering around with Legions: Overdrive again, and one thing I'd really like to do is have the mission lighting generated during mission load, then saved/cached. I believe most Torque games act/acted like this, such as Tribes 2. I can only assume this feature exists within the Legions engine somewhere, as it's based on TGE / TGEA, but I could very likely be incorrect. I did check out the Tribes 2 client preferences and saw a few promising options, such as cacheLighting, but unfortunately it doesn't have any effect within Legions. I'm sure something needs to be done from the server level to tell those connecting to generate the lighting file, but I'm pretty lost where to start. Can anyone point me in the right direction to get started?
  4. Worth noting that Legions isn't on T3D. It's on Juggernaut, which was an internal build of TGEA and what would become T3D. Sort of an unfinished mish-mash of the two. Thank you for the games. If anyone has anymore, feel free to post.
  5. Thank you for the list. I am primarily looking at games or even just demos that showcase impressive environments, particle effects, even good looking UI's.
  6. Is there a list anywhere showing off the best looking T3D games, or showing off some of the more advanced / impressive looking scenes? Thanks.
  7. Is it possible to change the light and dark gray checkered background in the Shape editor? I'd preferably like to change it to a solid color. I poked around in the settings but couldn't find the right property. edit: Found it. Edit - Editor Settings - Shape Editor.
  8. Is there a built-in option to remove focus from a textbox? Upon launch it automatically has focus, and can sometimes mess with player names after they enter a game. Just a simple way to require the user to click the textbox itself to type, instead of automatically accepting input at launch.
  9. Perfect, doc! Exactly what I was looking for. nLl0icgNc0Y Here's the snow sheet I ended up using, if anyone comes across this: http://i.imgur.com/hVPeSmn.png
  10. Hm, perhaps I didn't do this correctly. I simply made a new datablock in environment.cs. It doesn't show up in the particle editor list, so I can't edit it.
  11. I'm toying around with the precipitation datablock and created my own for snowflakes. Things have gone smoothly except the snowflakes themselves are squares instead of circles. http://i.imgur.com/bVKwSDm.png The datablock code: datablock PrecipitationData(LightSnow) { soundProfile = "LightSnowSound"; dropTexture = "art/environment/precipitation/snowflake2"; splashTexture = "art/environment/precipitation/water_splash"; dropSize = 0.35; splashSize = 0.1; useTrueBillboards = false; splashMS = 500; }; snowflake2.dml simply contains: snowflake2 The snowflake image itself (128x128 png) http://i.imgur.com/21mM0SX.png Any suggestions?
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