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  1. Small update: When i run the generateProject.bat it says : "unable to copy required file for project: Source file: /LeapSDK/lib/x86/LeapD.dll I can't find this file in the latest version of the SDK of the leap motion, maybe it has been removed, maybe it is why it isn't working. Does anyone ever use LeapMotion for their project ?
  2. Hi, i try to use the leapmotion for a project i have I followed this tutorial for the set up: http://wiki.torque3d.org/coder:leap-motion-setup and i added the following piece of code in "script/client/default.bind.cs" : " function trytomove( %val ) { moveforward(%val); } function trytomove2( %val ) { movebackward(%val); echo ("BONJOUR"); } $LeapMotion::GenerateSingleHandRotationAsAxisEvents = true; moveMap.bind( leapmotion, lm_handaxisx, "D", "-0.23 0.23", trytomove ); moveMap.bind( leapmotion, lm_handaxisy, "D", "-0.23 0.23", trytomove2 ); " I try to just move my player to check if the controller works and nothing is happening, It's like the leap motion is not reconized on my project , did anyone here use the leap motion ? I precise that my leap motion works fine with the marble motion game: http://wiki.torque3d.org/demo:marble-motion Thanks for your help in advance, Sincerly,
  3. You were right, my datablock file can't load: " preload failed for SwordImage : Bad Datablock from server" I'm gonna check my Sword.cs file Thanks!
  4. Hi, i'm new to this community, so hello everyone! :D I try to implements melee attacks in the game, but nothing seems to work I followed this tutorials: http://www.garagegames.com/community/resource/view/20273/2#comments a) create a new file under /art/datablocks/weapons/cricketbat.cs b) paste in the Datablock and Image info from above c) add a line to art/datablocks/datablockExec.cs ... to exec the new cricketbat.cs file d) open scripts/server/weapon.cs and add the onFire and Melee_Attack functions e) put the $melee_check2hit definition at the top of the ::Melee_Attack() function I have got also added in player.cs : mainWeapon = Sword; maxInv[sword] = 1; Nothing seems to work, when i left click nothing appears on the console, i tried to put some echo in the functiun to check if they are lauched but nothing happened. I precise i have no animation for my weapons for the moment, just a DAE file i've downloaded from a site for the 3d model. And when the game start the player has no weapons. Thanks for reading, Bye! ;)
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